Will they still speak Italian?

Writing a concept album is always an extraordinary adventure.
We must completely detach ourselves from reality and enter a story that will gradually forge more and more details and colors, until it’s defined and concluded as the stories that we have been taught in school age.

One of the most complex concepts I’ve ever written so far was “Auto Radio”, a journey through Italy accompanied by an imaginary radio station (find “Auto Radio” here).

I also love the darkest atmospheres such as creepy Halloween stuff and I often like to reinvent them in an ironic and fun way (“The Pineapple Pizza Slayer“, “Zombie Workout“, …)

Here comes the turn of my latest work: “They speak Italian”, one of the most compelling concept albums I’ve ever written.
I will tell you a story about Italy but a bit different from what you imagine: we will have a cast made up of zombies and unscrupulous politicians.

“A new law has been approved in Italy that will force the population to deprive themselves of carbohydrates due to the wheat crisis. These food imbalances are leading Italians to turn into living zombies in search of bread, pasta and pizza. Further updates coming soon.”

The sound will accompany the story step by step, from “scratchy” and dark synths to calmer pads, heavy metal, Italo disco, funky blues.
Still synthwave, but with a twist.

Like any well-written story, everything will work out in a way but I don’t want to spoil it.
You can read the five episodes here in preview and find them as a gadget of the album on my Bandcamp.

Download the PDF Format of “They Speak Italian – A mini horror story about carbs”.

“They Speak Italian”, a 5-tracks EP, will be out on October 1st in streaming on all major music stores.

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