“They Speak Italian” EP (October 2022)

“Souvenir” EP (May 2021)

“Out Now” EP (January 2020)

“Weekend” LP (April 2018)

“The Pineapple Pizza Slayer” EP (October 2017)

“Nightdrive to the Disco” EP (January 2017)

“Follow the Power” EP (December 2016)

“Greatest Pizza” LP (The Best of Vincenzo Salvia) (March 2016)

“The Volkswagen of Death” EP (October 2015)

“B-side” 2012-2014 Collection LP (January 2015)

“Chromelove” EP (December 2014)

“Summer Love …one year later” EP (June 2014)

“Atlantis” EP (January 2014)

“Summer Love” EP (August 2013)

“Auto Radio” LP – Digital (July 2013)
Radio speech English translation (.PDF)
Click here for “Auto Radio” Double vinyl (August 2018) 

“Traffic” EP (February 2013)

“Nostalgia” EP (December 2012)

“The Chase” EP (October 2012)

“Voyage” EP (August 2012)