“Her only wish” by Mental Exile feat. Lightshifters (Nov 2018)

“Stay” by Bunny X (June 2018)

“Sunglasses at night” by Corey Hart (Jan 2017)

“Waves” by Powder Slut (Jan 2017)

“Never let them see you coming” by Vector Sector (Jan 2015)

“Neon Summer” by Diamond Field feat. Nina Yasmineh (Sep 2014)

“Just Friends” by Pinemarten (Aug 2014)

“Palms” by Quixotic (May 2014)

“Dirge for November” by Opeth (April 2014)

“Laser Tits” by Apollo Zapp (February 2014)

“Nicole” by A Space Love Adventure (February 2014)

“Why’d you go and break my heart” by Peter Robinson feat. Cheryl James (October 2013)
Link currently unavailable

“I am Mach Rider” by Mach Rider (October 2013)

“9h00” by Cosmic Sand (August 2013)
Link currently unavailable

“Metropol” by Tero (June 2013)

“Come out” by Jerry Kay and John Toso (November 2012)
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Download it on: iTunes, Amazon

“Aurora” by Jordan F (September 2012)

“Autumn Skies” by Lolski (September 2012)