“Run” (April 2020)
with Francesca

“Nostromo” (April 2018)
with Ultraboss

“Veterinight” (October 2017)
with G (Dog Composer)

“Enter the Synth” (June 2017)
with Ultraboss

“Calvary” (March 2015)
with Nightcrawler

“About us” (November 2014)
with Powder Slut

“The Hip Factor” (February 2014)
with Apollo Zapp

“Dystopia” (February 2014)
with Nightcrawler

“Human Destiny” (February 2014)
with Blokkmonsta

“Return to the Red Planet” (January 2013)
with Peter Robinson

“Nexus” (January 2013)
with Alpha Boy
Link currently unavailable

“Pizza, Spaghetti and Italo Disco” (December 2012)
Split EP with Plaisance FREE DOWNLOAD!