They are hungry. They speak Italian.

As announced in the previous article, the situation here in Italy has taken a dramatic turn:
People have been deprived of carbohydrates derived from starchy products and turned into zombies.

Or rather: this would have happened in an imaginary near future in my mind.
I wrote a mini horror story as a gadget of my new EP entitled “They speak Italian”.

The artwork was expertly drawn by the hands of Devi Novita.

5 horror synthwave tracks with heavy metal, italo disco and funky blues influences and the inevitable Vincenzo Salvia touch.
The album is already available in download and streaming on Bandcamp, Spotify and the main music stores.

Here you can read the story behind this concept album.

Download the story in PDF format.


Hoping you enjoy this album as I did writing it, I wish you a good listen and… keep your spaghetti safe.

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