“No Camping Here”, my Halloween 2018 track is out now!

Well, I’m back on time in this period of the year with my Halloween track.
This time no pizza and no other foods are involved in this concept; this is a classic evergreen horror concept.
You know those guys who like to camp somewhere in the deep woods and something weird happens… and you know how that story ends already, the blondie (there’s always a blondie) is the first one to be killed, and step by step our group loses a character at a time, until only the last couple survives for some silly reasons because they apparently become brave and experienced serial killers.
You’ve seen this scenes hundred times but you will never get bored, be honest.
“No Camping Here” is out on Bandcamp and all the main digital stores for download and streaming.
Thanks for supporting!

Nuova data annunciata! Live con Gost a Milano!

Mi si è incastrato il pulsante dell’acceleratore.
Aggiunta un’altra data nelle vicinanze di Milano (Rozzano), questa volta in compagnia di Gost (Blood Music), Petrolio, QuadratoX e Arottenbit. Dovrò vestirmi scuro per l’occasione e preparerò una tracklist abbastanza cattiva per arrivare al pineapple pizza slayer che è in voi.


15 Aprile al Circolo Svolta a Rozzano (MI).
Tickets in vendita qui su Versus Music

Link dell’evento: Clicca qui

Christmas gift from Synthetix: Ultimix 2012!

This celebration of 2012 this will be up for download until the end of January 2013 so make sure you grab it while you can and rock it non stop!

1, A Glowing Light, A Promise – Make Up And Vanity Set
2, Cut Glass Accent – Aminova
3, Summer Breeze – Rain Sword
4, Prey For Your Life – Arc Neon
5, Retrofutures – Starforce & Perturbator
6, Sleepover (Up All Night) – Rolly Mingwald
7, Powerline – Lost Years
8, Get 2 Know U – Patrick Baker
9, Disco Venus – Modular1981
10, L’incubo Senza Fine (Reprise) – Vercetti Technicolor
11, Rockin Summer – Lueur Verte
12, After Chasing Sunsets – LA Dreams
13, Overdrive – Tommy
14, Breakpoint – Garth Knight
15, Modern Love – Kristine
16, Vision Runner – LA Dreams
17, Star Hustler – Lazerhawk
18, Interface – Garth Knight
19, Romeo – Tempogeist (feat. Lisa Dank)
20, Quantum Leap – 80s Stallone
21, Midnight Breeze – Vincenzo Salvia
22, It’s OK – Bastian’s Happy Flight
23, Beyond Saturn – Italo Robo
24, Propulsion Overdrive – Dynatron
25, In Full Action – Flash Arnold
26, Welcome To Nocturne City – Perturbator
27, The Secret Letter – Crystal Bridge
28, Perfect Summer – LA Dreams
29, Flash Workout – Flash Arnold
30, Serve The Public Trust – Protector 101
31, Bal Harbour Shakedown – DigitalNativeDance
32, Run To Survive – Perturbator & Protector 101