Voyage EP – Synthetix Music Review!

Fantastic Voyage review by Synthetix Music!

Future City Records’ latest release is a sterling new EP from 80s synth producer Vincenzo Salvia entitled Voyage. I had no previous knowledge of this artists existence up until this release and I’m now a fan for life. Over the four chapters of this adventure we’re taken through glorious landscapes of 80s synth beauty, through a myriad of galaxies and the nether regions of the universe.

It becomes immediately apparent that Vincent Salvia knows his 80s sounds. Every element of each track is a finely honed pink neon blade of distilled 80s essence. As with all the best 80s inspired synth music it’s the emotive and engaging melodies that contain all the magic and across the lenght and bredth of this EP Salvia’s gift for rousing and enlightening melodies are what makes this Voyage a memorable and joyous experience.

The spiritually enriching Midnight Breeze is the perfect opening track, setting the first chapter of the Voyage on a night flight through violet clouds lit by yellow moons, continuing into a pulsing nebula of a thousand stars. The ease in which this piece twists and caresses the listener is as uplifting as it is infectious and the cool breeze is felt against our cheek as the stratosphere becomes our highway.

Ocean Drive continues the Voyage into the heavens, the stars sparkle like a floating sea of lights. Majestic melodies are crescendoes of synthesized waves leaving a wake of swirling electric music behind us. The engine roars to life and our starborn craft is hurtling through inky dimensions of cosmic grandeur and exhilerating vistas.

The third leg of the Voyage takes place on a new mode of transport, boarding a star cruiser through the dawn of a nebula. The suns warms the atmosphere as our soundtrack remains sparkling and light. A cruise through the new day of a new heavenly body, bathed in light with glistening melodies that warm the skin and the soul. The blackness of space becomes coloured with oranges and pinks and the glow of the stars around us make this morning one that will laste forever.

Our fourth Voyage makes our journey complete. Time and space become a mechanised engine of shooting stars and solar flares. Unbridled power surges through the atmosphere charging everything it touches with  a neon glow aura, beings of light radiate waves of energy through every colour of the rainbow and beyond. Soaring through this technicolor vision of vibrant beauty we complete our Voyage, thoroughly effected by the beauty we’ve experienced.

Vincenzo Salvia takes up places once thought impossible on this Voyage and with such a powerful and beautiful EP as this being his first, one can but imagine where this producer will take us next. This Voyage is also a FREE ride and is available through Future City Records here. Give Vincenzo lots of love on his soundcloud here and lets hope we get to share more interstellar experiences with him in the future.

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