“Weekend” reviewed by Iron Skullet: 85 on 100!

While the weather is getting hotter and hotter, it seems people are enjoying more and more my latest album “Weekend”. Truly outrun inspired, it recently got an amazing review by the great Iron Skullet. Let’s read it together:

It’s been awhile since the world was blessed with a full album from Italian synthwave master Vincenzo Salvia, though there are more than enough melodic gems on Weekend to make it worth the wait. Long-time fans will notice immediately that the latest recording has a very different flavor from the excellent Auto Radio as well as EPs like Atlantis and Chromelove. This time around, Salvia’s songwriting style is brighter and more optimistic, and where previous efforts felt like an organic hybrid of vintage Italo disco and the modern sounds of synthwaveWeekend has taken a large step into more personal and unique territory. The result is a collection of hook-heavy pieces that combine classic synthpop and video game soundtracks with synthwave and a host of smaller elements, all peppered with Salvia’s highly detailed compositional style and wrapped up in an irresistibly lighthearted groove.

Weekend opens smoothly on the laid-back, sunny style of “Coastline Breakfast,” which feels like the musical equivalent of cool air on an early summer morning. Salvia’s elaborate and melodic creative approach is on display immediately as he layers one new element over the last, expertly building up through the extended intro until unveiling the track’s gorgeous primary melody. The continuous shifting of counter-melodies creates a nuanced and dynamic piece with several gratifying moments, and it showcases Salvia’s mastery over the elusive art of memorable songwriting. Deep, succinct bass tones anchor the composition while the numerous other components advance and withdraw for a captivating piece that stands up to repeated listens.

Vincenzo Salvia takes the tempo up a notch on the next entry, “Summertime Arcade,” an agile and quick creation that’s a clear homage to ‘80s-era video game soundtracks. The production only flirts with chiptune tones, instead leaving one foot in the realm of synthpop, though the ultra-quick melodies and punctuated backing rhythms bring to mind the quarter-munching goodness of arcade classics of yesteryear, all infused with Salvia’s signature compositional style.

A flurry of excellence occupies the midpoint of the album, as well, first with “Traffic Jam,” then with “Endless Roads, Pt. 1” and “Endless Roads, Pt. 2.” In an especially whimsical twist, Salvia works the light beep of a car horn into the patient and steady rhythm of “Traffic Jam,” and the result is an excellent example of the inspired and unapologetically optimistic tone of the recording.

Both “Endless Roads” tracks shine through with equal spirit. The first is one of the album’s most lively entries, and in terms of the songwriting style, perhaps the most reminiscent of 2014’s Auto Radio. The music opens quickly, diving into a bouncy, upbeat rhythm that is soon joined by Salvia’s chiptune-like melodies that flow across the music with easy grace. The song is once again a master class in writing engaging, memorable melodies, and the dynamic lines of the synth tones propel the composition through its running time with unwavering appeal.

“Endless Roads, Pt. 2” serves as the perfect counterpoint to the lively character of its first half, rolling in with a much more subdued personality on gentle bass notes and the slow groove of the melodies. Along with “White Lines, Red Sunset,” it’s the most low-key entry on the recording, lending balance to the tracklist and demonstrating Salvia’s versatility.

Not every song reaches the same level of seemingly effortless allure, however. “Rush Hour,” for example, feels like a great Vincenzo Salvia tune that’s been left out in the sun too long and its colors have begun to fade. “Vacanze All’italiana” has a similarly desaturated feel, and it’s somehow missing the polish and sheen of the album’s better entries. Weekend is also notably short, clocking in at just 29 minutes, which causes some of the less-than-memorable moments to seem more prominent and frequent than they actually are. However, the running length makes the album a perfect candidate for a vinyl or cassette release, which would match the spirit of the recording perfectly.

Despite the occasionally forgettable entry on the recording, Weekend never loses its charm and never encourages listeners to hasten on to the next track. And although the short running time is somewhat disappointing, it also ensures that the buoyant, highly melodic songwriting maintains its appeal throughout the entire running length. The album is just right as the soundtrack for an afternoon drive or a relaxing morning spent with a cup of coffee.

With his latest release, Vincenzo Salvia has reminded the world why he is one of synthwave’s most endearing and valuable creators. Weekend strengthens the artist’s already impressive discography with eight new creations capable of brightening up any day. The succinct song lengths and relatively brief tracklist make the album feel more like a light lunch than a full-course dinner, though the masterful melodies and infectious rhythms keep the recording’s momentum going strong just the same. For compelling and light-hearted synth music with a retro ‘80s heart, Weekend is a standout.

Rating: 85 / 100 (Great)

Songwriting: 9
Execution: 9
Production: 10
Song Variety: 8
Consistency: 7
Memorability: 8

(Original link here: https://ironskullet.com/2018/06/14/album-review-vincenzo-salvia-weekend/ )

VideoReview: “ForMyTape” reviewed Weekend!

I’ve understood an important thing of my life: I must learn French.
After the death of my hamster Jean Claude I stopped to speak it and I could catch only some words from this review… but he loved my album very much, this is sure!
Here the video review from “ForMyTape” Youtube channel!

If you want to grab my album “Weekend” there should be some remaining digital copies here [haha, funny…] on my Bandcamp:

Review: A sunny weekend with Vincenzo Salvia

Really sweet review from the French “DecibelBlog” of my new album “Weekend“!
The original review is in French, I poorly translated it in English, here it is!
(Original link here)

The last release of Vincenzo Salvia dates back to October 2017 with “The Pineapple Pizza Slayer” EP. The Italian producer and composer is back in April 2018 with a new album soberly entitled “Weekend“, a release that arrives just in time to accompany the return of the good weather! The cover designed by Vincenzo Salvia immediately sets the tone: between synthwave and outrun with a touch of italo disco, “Weekend” is an album that is fully appreciated on the roads or on a sunny weekend.
This “Weekend” has some great moments, starting with the beautiful “Coastline Breakfast” opening. Other notable titles are the groovy “Summertime Arcade” and its 16-bit sounds, the very nice “Traffic Jam” with the thrilling arrangements or the song “Endless Roads” (in 2 parts), also very successful. This album can be compared both for the musical style and for the cover of other previous Vincenzo Salvia releases such as “Voyage” in 2012 or “Auto Radio” in 2013.

1 – Coastline Breakfast
2 – Summertime Arcade
3 – Vacanze All’Italiana
4 – Traffic Jam
5 – Endless Roads (Part 1)
6 – Endless Roads (Part 2)
7 – Rush Hour
8 – White Lines, Red Sunset

The album Weekend by Vincenzo Salvia is available in digital version on the Bandcamp  page of the artist since April 19, 2018. There is no physical output announced yet.

Review: Take a slice outta Vincenzo Salvia’s “Greatest Pizza”

Thanks to Arcavalon for this spicy review!

“You know when you hear that one record that you just hit play and dont even think about skipping to the next song? Well your in luck. We got one for ya.
Vincenzo Salvia’s Greatest Pizza
Vincenzo Salvia has be around for a while pumping out release after release with 17 releases total on Bandcamp. Greatest Pizza, his latest work brings that pure 80s sound and does it well.
It compiles a ton of his older work along with a previously unreleased track “Nightdrive with pizza”. If anyone was new to Salvia’s music this would be one great way to listen for the first time!
The stunning artwork for Greatest Pizza done by none other than Overglow, the Retrofuturistic 80’s inspired graphic artist whos work never fails to impress, and with tracks like “Suitcase in the Night” “Zombie Workout” and “voyage” plus the many other featured here, one could say “how can you not enjoy this amazing collection? Take a listen here!”

Neon Vice Review: The Volkswagen of Death

If you’ve somehow managed not to hear about the MASSIVE Volkswagen scandal going on right now, here’s the TL;DR (that’s too long;didn’t read, for you non-redditors): the company or the board of directors—the details are shady at this point—lied extensively about the fuel emissions of their vehicles. We’re not talking little white lies. No. We’re talking their cars would have had a 0% chance of passing ANY countries vehicle emissions tests without the software Volkswagen installed to fudge the numbers.

You might be asking yourself, “what the hell does this post have to do with music? isn’t this a music blog?” Well, leave it to Italian synthwave artist Vincenzo Salvia to give us the opportunity for a bit of social commentary on our blog. Salvia’s new EP entitled The Volkswagen of Death channels the Halloween spirit into a dazzling synthwave creation. So what do these tracks actually have to do with the Volkswagen scandal? Well…nothing, but the names are pretty funny and you have to respect Mr. Salvia for poking fun at a pretty costly blunder by one of the biggest companies in Europe.

Without further ado, let’s get down to reviewing these tracks.

The Awakening of the 1982 Golf GTD

The opening track really starts the EP off in a dark way. The gritty bass that begins the track leads to some groovy polysynth melodies that culminate in an altogether pretty well put together tune. This track really has that analog feel that a lot of synthwave producers strive for but most end up falling short of.


Salvia’s definitely not shying away from getting to the heart of the controversy. Every good scandal needs a proper -gate name and I think Dieselgate is pretty fitting. This track really reminded me of the soundtrack of the original Halloween movie. Something about the synths Salvia uses just scream 80s horror to me. The drums don’t really do much for me, but they do glue the track together nicely and compliment the rhythm of the track. Where this track excels is in the synth melodies and as a lover of all things synthy (if that wasn’t a word, it is now) Dieselgate really speaks to me.

Passat Murder

The final track of the EP begins with a pretty creepy little arp melody, complimented by some luscious pads and a standard four on the floor type kick-snare pattern. Don’t let the simplicity of the first minute of this track fool you though, it really starts to shine in the latter part of the song. When that funky lead synth kicks in a little after the 1:00 mark this track evolves into a groovy retrosynth funk masterpiece. Passat Murder is definitely my favorite track on the EP.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Vincenzo Salvia’s new The Volkswagen of Death is another great release from an ultra-talented producer. Pick it up on Bandcamp and tell your friends.

Original article here

Si parla di Chromelove su EDM Culture!

Ed eccoci qui, EDM Culture riparte nel 2015 con una nuova recensione!

Vincenzo Salvia è ormai uno dei portabandiera della synthwave/retrowave nostrana. Agli sgoccioli dello scorso anno ha rilasciato la sua ultima fatica “Chromelove EP” su Doner Music, la quale si attesta di pubblicazione in pubblicazione un’ autentica etichetta feticcio della controcultura da classifica in Italia, promuovendo più che la funzionalità nel mercato di un prodotto, il suo contenuto qualitativo effettivo. Per l’occasione, abbiamo avuto anche modo di fare con il buon Vincenzo un breve punto della situazione ad oggi…

EDM: In un’intervista nel Maggio scorso ci dicesti: “sono da poco approdato in casa Doner Music, etichetta di Big Fish, con cui sto preparando un EP strumentale con un forte timbro outrun” …vogliamo sapere se ti senti soddisfatto del risultato e che cosa è cambiato stilisticamente e nell’approccio rispetto ad esempio all’ ep “Voyage”?

VS: Sono passati già più di 2 anni e una decina di album da Voyage, ed ogni album aveva qualcosa in più. Ho imparato nuove tecniche negli arrangiamenti, ho allenato l’orecchio nella scelta dei suoni e ho cercato sempre di dare una varietà alla mia musica, senza lasciare da parte la mia “firma”. Poi tanti eventi, belli, brutti, noiosi, divertenti, intensi, condizionano quello che scrivo nelle mie tracce, volendo o nolendo. Ogni tanto mi lascio andare in atmosfere da nightdrive, altre volte mi tuffo nella Italo Disco estiva alla Sabrina Salerno, altre volte mi lancio in pezzi nostalgici, o romantici, o come nei miei album Atlantis e l’ultimo nato Chromelove, provo a spingermi oltre.

EDM: Quali sono le prospettive della synthwave e retrowave nel 2015? C’è qualche evento significativo in programma nella community? Come ci si sente a far parte di un fenomeno di scala mondiale per quanto di “nicchia”?

VS: La scena synthwave cresce sempre di più, faccio davvero fatica a seguire tutte le releases e i nuovi artisti! Ma questo è un bene a mio avviso. Mi piace che sia un fenomeno di nicchia, ma sento che ha ancora del potenziale. E’ figlia degli anni 80, e quest’epoca ha dato tantissimo alla musica elettronica, e a noi che ormai abbiamo passato la trentina. E’ per questo che mi piace molto, perché non è solo un genere, ma è qualcosa che fa parte della nostra infanzia, dei nostri ricordi, ed è impossibile distaccarsene! Spero davvero che ci siano influenze anche nel pop più radiofonico, mi piacerebbe sentire in radio qui in Italia dei pezzi arrangiati in stile Outrun o ballare nei locali una New Italo Disco. Io intanto ci provo a fare qualcosa di nuovo e spero che piaccia! Da poco ho remixato con Fish un pezzo dei nostri amici italiani Fraulein Rottenmaier, abbiamo cacciato fuori qualcosa un po’ alla Moroder, fatemi passare la blasfemia vi prego!
Eventi significativi? Il mio prossimo album ovviamente, haha!

“Chromelove EP” già dall’esordio ci catapulta pienamente nel calore e nei colori di un suond analog con il singolo omonimo Chromelove, una spensierata regata in un mare di onde e venti di libeccio navigati da una voce filtrata da vocoder come ad intonare un canto di sirena.
Con Manikins i nodi aumentano e l’incedere si porta più sull’andante, guidato dal basso arpeggiato sulle frequenze basse che funge da collante con i vari eventi sonori che si susseguono sulle medio-alte.
L’aggettivo “epico” si sposa benissimo con i brani Obsessions e Metamorphosis, due avventure fra le quali spicca quest’ultima, che parte seriosa e carica di inquietudine arricchendosi progressivamente di synths più caldi e dinamici. Con Renaissance si conclude questo viaggio Outrun con incedere fiero e consapevole.

Ascolta “Chromelove EP” su Soundcloud!

Articolo originale qui

Vincenzo captures the mystique of love!

Fantastic review on CARNOV about Chromelove!
And it includes my interview and some extra inserts about my lovely girl Powder Slut (Yana Mesha) and my great friend Nightcrawler (George Gold)!

Vincenzo Salvia’s latest EP called ‘Chromelove‘ was released yesterday through Italian label Doner Music! This 5-track EP is available to download through iTunes ($3.99 @ 45mb total), Spotify, Bandcamp(stream only) and Soundcloud (player below). Tracks are purchasable at any time by clicking the buy/cart button through Soundcloud’s streaming player. The gorgeous cover art design was created by George Gold aka Nightcrawler!

The interview with Vincenzo is further below – in the interview you will discover how this release is autobiographical and has quite the cool story involving a certain female Synthwave artist 😀


TRACK # 1 – ‘Chromelove’
Without knowing the story beforehand, I find the title track ‘Chromelove’ feels like a desperate struggle between two people at some sort of standstill in their relationship. It’s moving, impactful and overflowing with lush filmic synths – just beautiful. Although obscured, the vocoder effects are enjoyable to hear and have a deep sense of yearning for connection.

This track is very replayable with a catchy drumbeat intro that quickly escapades to an engaging arrangement of amorous synths and with cool vocoder effects that take centre stage – it’s a fantastic track!

TRACK # 2 – ‘Obsession’
The mood takes a turn to a more vibrant positive feel and fittingly infused with passionate ‘I want you’ synths. The lunging takeoff from 1:07 secs has a great effect and gets better with continuous funky beats until we hit 2:38 where the synths become focused like rapid-fire – really cool!

TRACK # 3 – ‘Manikins’
Now this has great energy and melody with a flavour of Outrun/cruising to the sounds. The driving beats are determined and very positive as if a barrier was just broken through. As the track develops, this feeling becomes more pronounced and as always you can really feel the impact with volume up high!

TRACK # 4 – ‘Metamorphosis’
My first impression for favourites on this EP was this track and the ‘Chromelove‘ title track. I have a difficult time in deciding which track is the winner as they are both stellar in their own way. ‘Metamorphosis‘ plays an important part of the story with the transformation from manikins to human (see interview for info on this…) – the track has a sophisticated impact with a cool ethereal feel and that drop from 45 secs. onwards has great synth power! I especially like this track as a fan of epic guitar+synths action. The intro really grabs the listener with sounds that reminded me of the creatures under the sea, it feels magical! For fun, a video track is below with a underwater scene as if we went out into the sea as shown in the background of the cover artwork 😀

TRACK # 5 – ‘Renaissance’
A perfect synth package! The intro synths have that familiar sci-fi vibe which quick transitions of pace but yet with a smoothness that’s really appealing. The feeling is overall  positive with synths that feeling challenging but break through with wild success.

This EP is very well composed and this is the type of Synthwave where you can really connect to the music – especially since the production was based on real life! Vincenzo is at the top not just because of musical skill/talent, but because his music in most cases is close to his heart – it’s real, deeply emotive and just plain beautiful. GOLD Rating 10/10 – This is a very fine release and look forward to see what comes next from Vincenzo and his new partner in life.


Q1 /// JARED – Can you please introduce yourself to those that may be new to your work?
VINCENZO – I’m a musician from Italy, born in 1983. I entered into the synthwave scene in 2012 with my first Outrun EP called Voyage. Since that moment I always try to improve and give new energy to my music. I jump from pure synthwave to authentic Italo Disco, mixing them and trying to give my own touch in every track. I love when the listeners don’t expect which style will be the next release!

***** JARED’S INSERT – You can listen to his very first synthwave album “Voyage” in the player below. This album is available as a FREE download! *****

Q2 /// JARED –  You have stated in the past that most of your music is autobiographical. ‘Chromelove‘ feels deeply romantic with a sense of struggle and filled with a yearning for connection. Can you explain how this EP ties in with some of your own experiences and if not personal then could you explain the story?
VINCENZO – There is an unique story behind this album. I feel like something magic was happening in my life. In the late spring I started to write the music and everything was written by itself: it tells about these manikins in the artwork, man and woman, which can’t touch each other. Then In August I stumbled into the biggest love of my life, Yana, an Ukrainian girl, synthwave composer famous as Powder Slut. For 4 months we only talked in webcam every day and every night, just like those two manikins, and… one week before the release I went to Kiev finally! This seems a love story written by the fate!

***** JARED’S INSERT – Powder Slut aka Yana Mesha is a talented synthwave artist with a number of singles available for your listening pleasure. Her tracks are consistently well received including hits such as ‘Shadow Agents‘ from Jean-Pierre Van Damme’s ‘END OF DAYS’ compilation and her most recent track ‘Mirage’ which was released just yesterday! Powder Slut is known for her rich dark brooding atmosphere – you can listen to ‘Mirage‘ in the player below. *****

Q3 /// JARED –  Actually, I find that I can really connect to these tracks without necessarily knowing the story in the first place. As mentioned in the review, the title track ‘Chromelove’ feels like a desperate struggle between two people at some sort of standstill in their relationship. It’s moving, impactful and overflowing with lush filmic synths – just beautiful. What was your goal for the Chromelove EP? How would you describe the listening experience? 
VINCENZO – This is why I wanted to arrange this album as instrumental. It must be more imaginative. I wanted that every ambience appears even without reading titles or listening to the words. The title track is my favourite, I must admit it! And the desperate struggle is evident here, the passion of love destroy their souls, then they start to feel obsessed and they move smoothly, until they change their aspect to become human.

Q4 /// JARED –  I first discovered your work with your 3-track EP ‘Summer Love’ released last year through Telefuture Records. As a fan of 80’s Italo artists like Sabrina Salerno I remember being completely captivated by the title track with an arrangement that really emphasized the excellent and very 80’s style vocals. Since then you’ve released some stunning works and I wanted to ask how you feel you’ve evolved as an artist since last year? 
VINCENZO – Lots of things changed in my style, I will never abandone my Italo, because it’s the one which I grew up with! But the sequel of “Summer Love” was already different from the first episode. “Summer Love One Year Later” was more nostalgic and romantic, I was influenced by the summer Vanzina’s movies! Also Italo and vocals are always great together, I love how vocals give it that light “pop” style!

***** JARED’S INSERT – Summer Love‘ originally released on August 20th 2013 through Telefuture Records and was a major hit in the Synthwave community. You can listen below for reference. This EP is available as FREE/Name-Your-Price release! *****

Q5 /// JARED – This cover art is richly-filled with symbolism in an appealing symmetrical design and with a great sense of depth – can you explain the design process here and the meaning of the camera/mannequins? Who was the designer?
VINCENZO – The art concept started from the vision I had of two manikins with Polaroid-heads, so I asked to my dear friend George Gold to realize the artwork. I imagined them standing in an elegant room with a retrofuturistic mood and I am a fan of surrealism of Dalì, Magritte and De Chirico. George hit the goal perfectly! CLICK HERE to view artwork portfolio showcase.

***** JARED’S INSERT – George Gold is a popular and well regarded graphics artist by day and Synthwave artist at night! He is Night Crawler! *****


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.nightcrawlermusic.com/
DESIGN STUDIO WEBSITE: http://www.medusateam.com
BANDCAMP: http://nightcrawler.bandcamp.com/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/nightcrawlermusic
SOUNDCLOUD: http://soundcloud.com/nightcrawlermusic
TUMBLR: http://vestroncorp.tumblr.com
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/georgeGold79
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/Nightcrawlermusic79

Q6 /// JARED – My favourite track on the EP is Metamorphosis because of it’s sophisticated impact with a cool ethereal feel and that drop from 45 secs. onwards has great synth power – guitar rocks too! I wanted to ask your inspiration and any background info for this track as this really stands out to me?
VINCENZO – Everything started from the bassline here, then I started to modulate the pads on it, so the melodies came at last as I almost always do. But that bassline inspired me so different emotions and those moving pads were really powerful in my mind. Probably some Jarre influences here too, and I decided to add those guitars to give more and more power!

Q7 /// JARED – What is the best way to keep up with your latest updates? Also, with 2014 coming to a close what can we expect from you in the new year?
VINCENZO – My website www.vincenzosalvia.com and my facebook page are always updated about every news! I will come back with a sequel of Chromelove probably! This love story has a real sequel again now! And I need to make some new Italo for this summer, who knows, maybe another episode of Summer Love!

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.vincenzosalvia.com/
BANDCAMP: http://vincenzosalvia.bandcamp.com/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/vincenzosalviamusic
SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/vincenzo-salvia
TUMBLR: http://vincenzosalvia.tumblr.com/
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/vincenzo_salvia
YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/alienatiomentis


Summers Past And Future In Vincenzo Salvia’s Italo Dreams – Synthetix.FM Review!

This is the fantastic review from Synthetix.FM about my latest album “Summer love …one year later” released on Telefuture. I love this review! Thanks awesome Rick!

“The romantic sentimentality of Italo Disco synth, in general, has been taken to even loftier nostalgic heights in the latest EP from Vincenzo Salvia. Reminiscing and remembering that ‘Summer Love’ romance from 2013 and bringing those warm feelings back into our lives. Summer Love… One Year Later presents four tracks of beautifully structured Italo pieces that traverse the styles and ages of classic Italo sounds in a delightfully authentic manner.

Salvia’s homages to classic Italo sounds are some of the best I’ve heard in the modern-age as this producer recreates a full immersion into the sounds and emotions of these Mediterranean flavours. With his latest EP a further progression is evidenced in the nuances in the instrumental parts as well as the vocal work with a tender, loving touch felt through each melody and subtleties in synth structures allowed to create their own golden magic.

I must say, I listen to a lot of vintage Italo Disco music. By ‘a lot’ I mean more than a thousand tracks in my music library as well as ardently listening to online Italo radio stations. The Italo genres contain an incredible amount of individual releases and the uncovering of these gems that are new to me is something I truly love. Upon hearing this new EP from Vincenzo Salvia those feelings of something vintage yet all brand new came bubbling to the surface with an effervescent fruity flavour that was impossible to sip just once.

The first track is a complete re-examining and retelling of the ‘Summer Love’ song from last year, once again with Chrissy Valentine performing the vocals while Vincenzo himself serenades his heart’s desires in the final act. This version takes the originals classic refrain and restructures it with mistier recollections and an aesthetic that longs for those times to be rekindled into passionate flames once again. The story is bittersweet, but hopeful, as the temperatures rise so to do the possibilities of that ‘Summer Love’ sparking back into torrents of desire.

‘Tramonto D’Agosto’ takes the final stages of summer love into colder temperatures as the sunset of August brings the signs of fading warmth and Vincenzo delivers sombre and melancholy vocals to accompany the emotive melodies. The melodramatic side of Italo is explored expertly in this piece as the chorus is delivered in dual voices with haunting memories of the summer now past. The honesty of the emotional involvement is unmistakable and nothing about this piece at all feels forced or hollow. The sentiment and sounds are real and you’ll feel that bite in the sea breeze cause a slight shiver deep within.

The third act on this EP has turned out to be not only one of my favourite Vincenzo Salvia tracks, but also one of my favourite Italo tracks, period. ‘Domenica’ featuring Giusi Telesca has an absolutely massive synth hook that is complemented by one of the most authentic 80s styled vocal performances I’m yet to hear. The sweet voice of Giusi Telesca has an astounding grace that is present in the delivery of every syllable. The native Italian adds even more to the spectacular performance and the balance between the synths and vocals is utterly enrapturing. It’s one thing to create a piece that is an homage to a specific style, but it is another thing entirely reinvent its soul and essence in a manner so thoroughly beautiful. Vincenzo and Giusi do just this in ‘Domenica’ and I hope this relationship bears more musical delicacies in the future.

Adding a tropical and festive dimension to the EP is final track, tantalisingly titled ‘Gelato Party’. The upbeat, dance floor oriented Italo Disco moods jostle and gyrate with bright and bouncy melodies that are packed with refreshing, fruity flavours. The synthscape is kept uncluttered and authentic and focuses on the power of the melody to make your spirits rise and your feet move as a gelato induced sugar rush of synth sweetness fills the discotheque with pastel colours swirling in musical harmony.

Telefuture Records presents Vincenzo Salvia’s Summer Love… One Year Later EP on their Bandcamp page here and the four tracks presented within span many dimensions of the Italo spectrum with an eye and ear for reverent authenticity. The four pieces are far greater than the sum of their parts as the feelings and stories conveyed via the music are refinements of specific Italo denominations and move effortlessly betwixt them from chapter to chapter. Vincenzo Salvia creates magic on this EP; shining, golden Italo magic and the result is a Synthetix Reference Experience you’d be wholly remiss to not hold deeply in a warm embrace, remembering last summer and anticipating the wonders summer 2014 will bring.”

Original link here

Marvellous “Atlantis” review by Violent Success!

Vincenzo Salvia: Atlantis — Speaking generally, I like music with a purpose. I don’t like hearing that my favorite songs just “kind of happened” when the artist was fooling around in the studio. It’s far more satisfying to listen to a track that has some kind of plan, goal or strong inspiration behind it. It’s even better when that idea carries through an entire release.

So it goes with Vincenzo Salvia‘s latest EP Atlantis. His aim is to take us on a strange expedition in search of the sunken city. Thankfully there are no samples of whale songs or other clichés. What we do have is a very direct, tightly assembled group of five songs that distinguish themselves from each other by moving the listener further into the journey.

The first track, ‘Over the Pillars’ delivers us directly to the lost city. Bam, we’re there. No need for a long narrative describing our descent into the forboding depths. It’s not an aggressive track by any means but it pulses with the intense wonder of discovery. Anyone with an overactive imagination can see it: propelling along as broken columns come into view, weaving in and out of coral encrusted statues of ancient gods, and marveling at crumbled temples.

As the second track begins and we’re further into the city. ‘Mermaids’ has a breezy island feel to it, but in my mind we’re still underwater. And yes, I’m thinking of mermaids.What if Atlantis is actually populated with mermaids and we, the listeners are making this happy discovery? ‘Gold and Ivory’ is another light and easy going song as if the aforementioned mermaids offered to give us a tour of their great city that isn’t all ruins and gross looking fish, but a vibrant community of merfolk.

Vincenzo closes out Atlantis with appropriately named tracks ‘Towards the Light’ and ‘Ascent’.It makes us think that we must leave the newly found city, and are saying goodbye to our new friends.A return to some more traditional synth wave is the signature of these final few steps in our journey. The tempo picks up a bit in ‘Ascent’ and is more of an outrun, snare driven track and is definitely my standout pick for this EP, with ‘Mermaids’ being a close second.

Atlantis maintains pretty much the same tempo throughout, which is not to say it’s slow but it’s definitely thoughtful. It reminds me of a lot of space synth tracks that are meticulously constructed voyages to strange places and are intended to give off a heavy sci-fi vibe. The journey in this case, is not up, but down. This is what is most impressive to me about Vincenzo Salvia. The man knows how to get his themes and ideas across. If he wants to make you feel like it’s the summer of ’88, he’s going to do it. And if he wants to take us to the bottom of the ocean, that’s exactly where we’re going to go.

I’d like to see a lengthier release from Vincenzo Salvia, but I also feel like brevity is a strength. Much like Rod Serling, he’s able to tell us a compelling story in under half an hour. Atlantis is a unique trip and one that is worth taking more than once… 9.5/10

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“Atlantis” reviewed on Synthetix.FM! Astonishing write up!

Vincenzo Salvia Breaks The Surface And Takes The Plunge
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If one views 2009 as the break-out year for 80s inspired synth music, this means we’re now in the fifth year of the development of the soundscapes modern producers are creating with homage to classic 80s sounds. The evolution has been incredible to witness, thus far, as splinters of ideas have now become towering evergreens of deeply rooted styles. Singular ideas have inspired tens of producers who have now re-imagined this inspiration and crafted it into something new. I’ve always said: it’s the producers who push into new territory, with new ideas and creativity that will keep the scene rockin and my excitement levels in the red zone.

Vincenzo Salvia is one of these producers. It’s a shame I missed the opportunity to put my Top 10 Albums of 2013 on Synthetix.FM, or elsewhere, as Vincenzo’s Auto Radio was my favourite album of last year. The vision of this producer and his reverence for the classic sounds makes him a true artist and with his new EP, Vincenzo has gone even further out of the 80s-comfort-zone and into invigorating new territory.

The Atlantis EP is five tracks of Vincenzo Salvia’s own brand of 80s inspired synth music that channels much of the classic Italo Disco Synth of his homeland while adding ideas and aesthetics that have, up to this point. been buried beneath at the bottom of the ocean’s floor; unexperienced until now. Much like the incredible artwork that ignites the visual aspect of this EP, the thematic is new and fresh, broadening the aural horizon and really capturing the 80s spirit and feeling in a refreshingly beautiful way.


Beginning with sonar beacons and crashing waves ‘Over The Pillars’ washes over you with it’s dignified melodies and heavily narrative based arrangements. Unlike Auto Radio’s much more pop based arrangements the stories told in the tracks on Atlantis are heavily detailed with nuances and soundtrack inspired passages that continue to divulge the ocean’s mysterious secrets to you in an elegantly adept manner. The parts take your imagination through levels of depths and into delicate refrains that override the underlying dangers with wondrous anticipation.

Our first companions in this new watery realm are the ‘Mermaids’ and Vincenzo Salvia’s innate gift for capturing the spirit of classic Italo Synth is brought out into the shallows as light filters through the water and glints seductively on the curvaceous mythical creatures. A lightness is imbued into the melodies adding a playful and carefree atmosphere, idyllic and entrancing while inspiring a heartfelt joyousness.

The richness of the underwater kingdom is brought to life in the third chapter ‘Gold And Ivory’. These two very tactile substances are reflected in the sparkling refrain that dances from side to side in a most inventive way. The instruments used on this EP feel like they’ve been coerced and caressed into being with their delicately elegant tendrils moving effortlessly in the underwater currents, conveying the magical majesty of Atlantean culture. Airs of sorrow and remembrance are layered in with a ghostly serenity towards the end of this piece that adds a reverent depth to the musical richness.

‘Towards The Light’ becomes a pivotal point in the adventure as inquisitive melodies offer bright possibilities and promises with riddle-like buoyancy. The atmosphere takes a more dramatic turn as the costs of one’s choices begin to appear, the light becomes stronger but is it a light of warning or of welcoming? Melodies play off each other, never really uttering the answer, but instead purposefully making the choice a one that requires listening to the heart and the mind.

This all becomes moot as the final chapter, ‘Consequences’, plays out the the true eventuality, that the choices we make are guided by forces beyond own consciousness and the Atlantis of fable and lore is not a tomb from which riches are plundered, but an idealised path that human evolution branched away from. The wonders of the deep rise with crescendos of jubilant melodies and the mystical Atlantean magic gives us a glimpse of a beautiful world we could have had. The dazzling sights and sounds are enrapturing, concepts we can barely grasp flash before us and as our comprehension almost reaches breaking point we’re sent back to the surface; seemingly in an instant. The crashing waves of our own world serve to wake us from the fantastical dream-world we just experienced.

The spirit of adventure and exploration is a running theme throughout these pieces of music and each serves a different aesthetic dimension to Vincenzo Salvia’s vision. To say this EP capture my imagination is a monstrous understatement, from beginning to end this journey was wholly tactile, I could see the beauty of Atlantis and feel it’s tragedy also. The narrative is stunningly well crafted and is a huge achievement in how visual a soundtrack can be.

Future City Records presents Vincenzo Salvia’s Atlantis EP on their Bandcamp page here. It’s available at a name-your-own-price point but I encourage all fans and supporters of the 80s inspired synth scene to dig deep and show your appreciation for this work of art. The five chapters of Atlantis are individual, self contained stories that intricately describe this mysterious realm in a totally mesmerising way. The ocean thematic is a perfect pairing to the Italo Synth palette, as evidenced previously in Plaisance’s work, but the other-worldly fantasy aspects make Vincenzo Salvia’s vision unlike anything else. As a conceptual artist Vincenzo Salvia has made something very special in this EP; Atlantis is a truly Synthetix Reference Experience.