The greatest pizza

Like the tastiest mix of pizza toppings, my new album collects all of my best tracks: From the cheesy Italo disco of "MILFS" to the dreamy outrun of "Voyage", passing through the magic of "Domenica" and the power of "Zombie Workout". "Greatest Pizza" includes the unreleased track "Nightdrive with pizza" + 19 classics for a special … Continue reading The greatest pizza

My life is focused on Italo Disco and pasta

I had so much fun in this interview with Marko Maric in Synthetix Sundays "Italo Disco Special". We spoke about some of my tracks and pasta.

Summers Past And Future In Vincenzo Salvia’s Italo Dreams – Synthetix.FM Review!

This is the fantastic review from Synthetix.FM about my latest album "Summer love year later" released on Telefuture. I love this review! Thanks awesome Rick! "The romantic sentimentality of Italo Disco synth, in general, has been taken to even loftier nostalgic heights in the latest EP from Vincenzo Salvia. Reminiscing and remembering that 'Summer … Continue reading Summers Past And Future In Vincenzo Salvia’s Italo Dreams – Synthetix.FM Review!

“Atlantis” reviewed on Synthetix.FM! Astonishing write up!

Vincenzo Salvia Breaks The Surface And Takes The Plunge (original link from Synthetix.FM here) If one views 2009 as the break-out year for 80s inspired synth music, this means we're now in the fifth year of the development of the soundscapes modern producers are creating with homage to classic 80s sounds. The evolution has been … Continue reading “Atlantis” reviewed on Synthetix.FM! Astonishing write up!


5 tracks for "Name your price" Artwork by George Gold aka Nightcrawler The download includes the poster design.

The ultimate after death workout experience!

Zombies, keep your bodies fit! Never stop training! "Zombie Workout" is an EXCLUSIVE track for the Synthetix.FM Rhythm Vivisection Halloween Mixtape 2013. The 31 tracks mixtape is for FREE DOWNLOAD on the link below! "Zombie Workout" Promo poster and Artwork design: Vincenzo Salvia aka me.

My remix for Mach Rider released on Synthetix.FM!

You can listen to the whole EP on Synthetix.FM and read the full article here! Support Mach Rider on his Facebook page and Soundcloud profile! Artwork made by me and other remixes featured by Kn1ght, DJ Ten, Zombie Hyperdrive and A Space Love Adventure!

This is a LOVELY, LOVELY review of AUTO RADIO!

The Road, The Radio And Vincenzo Salvia SYNTHETIX.FM "There is a bit of an inside joke in the 80s inspired music scene which goes something like 'The 80s only ever happened in Miami'. This is a bit of a dig a the sheer amount of 80s inspirations taken from Miami Vice and other media and … Continue reading This is a LOVELY, LOVELY review of AUTO RADIO!

Synthetix.FM’s awesome Traffic review!

Triple EP MELTDOWN in this midweek! My Traffic EP plus Splash Wave plus Steinbeck! "Vincenzo Salvia is back with a three track exploration of dramatic synth moods in his Traffic EP. This EP demonstrates a great deal of new sounds and spaces for this producer, it seems every new release distills the essence of his … Continue reading Synthetix.FM’s awesome Traffic review!

Happy Birthday Synthetix! New mixtape out now!

SYNTHETIX FIRST ANNIVERSARY: A great mixtape to celebrate the first anniversary of Synthetix Blog! Check it out for free download! It will be replaced in a few weeks time!