Synthetix.FM’s awesome Traffic review!

Triple EP MELTDOWN in this midweek!
My Traffic EP plus Splash Wave plus Steinbeck!

“Vincenzo Salvia is back with a three track exploration of dramatic synth moods in his Traffic EP. This EP demonstrates a great deal of new sounds and spaces for this producer, it seems every new release distills the essence of his music even further while his own personality continues to grow.

Taking on a very obvious 80s drug dealing motif from the Scarface inspired artwork and track titles the music does have the hallmarks of danger and action pulsing throughout its three movements. Opening up with Vengeance the scene is set with energetic melodies and electrifying sounds. Elements of many styles merge in this track and as a thematic scene-setting piece it delivers great portions of tension and luxury in even doses. “Vengeance” really shines in it’s arrangements, with each section beautifully thought out and executed, something that Vincenzo Salvia has taken huge strides in.

The next track, Exchange, pushes this producers skill even further. As a standalone piece this runs the gamut of action and emotion with pounding rhythms and melodies that resonate throughout the music. This pieces midpoint change is absolutely stunning and hugely unexpected. It’s this change with slow uplifting synth layers and and an engine powered by pure italo that makes this experience totally reference and easily my favourite Vincenzo Salvia track thus far. Truly magical.

Stray Bullets completes the EP with more action centered on lives living on the edge, constantly in the face of danger. It begins with a much more simplistic approach that sets the scene for the main melody which is then made all the more impressive when it hits. Once again, this is arranged brilliantly with three suites continuing the story and bringing the atmosphere to life with broad strokes of colour and action.

The Traffic EP is presented on Future City Records Bandcamp page here and is most certainly worth the price of admission for this tale of peril and vice in the 80s underworld.”

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