Synthwave Sample Pack!

I made this sample pack for Prime Loops! Synthwave, Italo, Funky, everything here with my own signature!

Chromelove and paparazzi.

I'm back on Neon Vice with this interview about my new album Chromelove! It's been a while since you've been on NeonVice; How have you been since your Summer Love EP? It has been a while since and we are glad to have you back! Since the release of Summer Love I worked a little … Continue reading Chromelove and paparazzi.

Behind the scenes – interview for NeonVice!

-What would you say the theme of your new 'Summer Love' EP is and does it have a linear story?  We often come back to the same beach we were one year ago, and this is what the EP tells. Two tracks are strongly linked together: the one with my vocals describes the return of … Continue reading Behind the scenes – interview for NeonVice!