Behind the scenes – interview for NeonVice!

-What would you say the theme of your new ‘Summer Love’ EP is and does it have a linear story? 

We often come back to the same beach we were one year ago, and this is what the EP tells. Two tracks are strongly linked together: the one with my vocals describes the return of the protagonist at the seaside one year later, he is waiting for his lover but can’t find her there, he remembers when they played on the sand with their Polaroids, and then he leaves the sea to go back home. The other track is with female vocals and it is the parallel view from the girl life, she leaves her apartment to go back to the sea and meet her lover, but something goes wrong and her car stops on the road. This is the reason the man couldn’t find her at their appointment. But there is a twist: the two stories cross together now, and while the man is coming back home, he finds the girl hitch-hiking on the road. And the love story continues.


-Do you think that you will continue the ‘Summer Love’ story with more EP releases after the upcoming sequel? 

That’s not in my plans at the moment. I will probably make a LP on Telefuture after this second EP but I prefer to let this “saga” stay as two episodes. But I could change my mind again! I like contradicting myself. I often think about a sequel of my albums such as Voyage, or Auto Radio, something like Auto Radio 2 could be cool, but I’d love to give them the uniqueness, I don’t want they lose the energy of the first episode. But Summer Love One Year Later is totally natural, I made the remake of the original title-track for the Dreamakes vol. 2 which is almost completed and lots of images and scenes came in my mind, so the idea of the sequel has written itself. 

The LP project is so far at the moment, something Italo for sure, with the old authentic mood and something new, already in test with Summer Love. I would like to release it on tape too! Unveiling something about Dreamakes, it is a compilation where one track is remixed by several artists and I think this second episode will be out in the early June. Fantastic remixes are already in my hands!


-As for your ‘Under The Bed’ album coming up, has the inspiration for songs come from dreams that you’ve had? 

My other tracks always tell about my day life, there’s nothing too irrational in my themes. Most of my music is autobiographic, but nothing comes from my dreams. I tell about travels, love stories and my states of mind. Sometimes I like to let my imagination run and I come up with some releases like “Atlantis” which is a story about the undersea empire before, during, and after the immersion and then the rise of the far future.


-Having previously worked with vocalists, has working with Billy Venus been unique or inspiring in any way, and do you prefer creating tracks with or without vocals? 

The composition is quite different with vocalists, especially in my style of composing because I always fill the instrumental tracks with lots of melodies and there is always a main melody which replaces the singer. The arrangement with vocals is funny because you have to let the vocals sit on top and then fill the empty spaces or accompany the groove in some way. Instrumental tracks are definitely more introspective for me, it’s a moment when I totally close in myself and all the things around disappear. Tracks with vocals are a bit more rational but it’s a huge satisfaction when I listen to awesome voices on my music! I hope the experience with Billy will be appreciated by the audience so we have something to do for another release!


-Out of the various genres your music encompasses which would you consider your favorite(s) and why? 

Music is what we feel, what we are. Music fits perfectly to our states of mind. I love the escapist mood of the outrun music, that summer feel and freedom; I love the nostalgia and the authenticity of the Italo Disco, which I am devoted and debtor to; but I also love the energy of workout music and the groove and freshness of Nu Disco. I tried to compose all of these genres and no one can replace the other one, it only depends on the moment I’m living. And this is the reason I love to work with different labels, splitting all of these styles into them.


-What inspired you to join the broader synthwave scene and how did you get into composing? 

I started composing my own tracks in 2001, and I always loved the 80s, so I had that retro feeling in my tracks, and when I stumbled on great artists on Youtube like Miami Nights, Anoraak, Kristine, I thought: “WOW. THIS IS MY WORLD!” and so I tried to enter. My first EP in this scene was Voyage released on Future City Records on August 2012. I love that moment when I started to chat with other artists and discovered there was a whole scene growing! The support here is magnificent! I would never change this scene for anything. 

I perfectly remember the moment when I received some likes and comments on my Soundcloud by the Future City Records account, and I was like “Oh, do they really like my music? Is this a label?” and I instantly wrote them a message to start a collaboration. The tracks were already made, so in few days I only had to prepare the artwork (made by my bro Stefano) for the Voyage EP and my travel started from there! 

The scene has grown so much in the last couple of years. Many new labels and musicians are joining the synthwave landscape. Since this is a totally new music genre, labels are very opened to accept new music, or even if you want to self-distribute and self-promote, the support is awesome. Social networks are powerful and the music scene is enlarging to other lands, such as graphics, movies, videogames, and we’re creating a fashion which we are all a part of.

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