Chromelove and paparazzi.

I’m back on Neon Vice with this interview about my new album Chromelove!

It’s been a while since you’ve been on NeonVice; How have you been since your Summer Love EP? It has been a while since and we are glad to have you back!

Since the release of Summer Love I worked a little bit to find new ideas and inspiration for this new chapter of my life. I’m quite satisfied of how my latest album was appreciated by the fans and I got lots of new followers thanks to the most loved track “Domenica”.

Has your move to Doner Music been to network more locally in Italy?

I would love if my spaghetti-people will appreciate my music of course, but there is not a purpose behind this label moving. I just love how Doner works professionally and promotes everywhere his artists. And not at last, I will be on wider music platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, etc., to reach more people! Synthwave scene is going unexpectedly great here in Italy, I know lots of talented artists who play in an awesome way. We are sometimes pessimists about our electronic scene but I should tell everyone that something big will happen again here like in the 80s, when Italo Disco was inspiration for lots of countries!

Your Chromelove EP really gets back to synthwave’s 80s roots; is this style what you feel most comfortable composing?

I feel Chromelove as the sequel of Atlantis. Not as concept, but in the style. It’s something more experimental but with that dark touch of the synthwave school. I wanted to stay away from my Italo influence and working on new atmospheres and sounds.

The album tells about two manikins who love each other but they can’t move and touch. One day I had this vision of two chrome manikins with Polaroid heads (I don’t use drugs) and all the album was a consequence of the artwork, sapiently made by my dear friend George Gold.

Will you be working on more Italo and Nu Disco that we all know and love or do you plan on expanding our minds to things we haven’t heard from you yet?

I like to alternate Italo releases to darker ones (Traffic / Auto Radio / Atlantis / Summer Love / Chromelove…), I don’t want to get bored of my music in this way, and I hope not to bore my fans too! I feel more comfortable in Italo Disco, but sometimes I really want to create something new and breaking all the rules of the old pizzaland school.

One thing about this release is the noticeable lack of vocals; are you interested in working with anyone in the near future or will we get the chance to hear your charming voice again?

Just because of more experimentation in this new release, I wanted to focus the attention on the arrangements and making something less “pop”. Of course I would love to work with vocalists and I will try to record my voice again!

Alright, so NeonVice isn’t really a place for gossip but all of us in the scene are wondering if the milf hunter has hung up his hat for a certain Ukrainian beauty? Can you let us in on the details of how things began or does the single “About us” say it all?

Paparazzi don’t miss anything! My Milf hunter career was destroyed when one hot day in August Andy commented in his funny style one of the photos of Yana Mesha (Powder Slut as musician), who I had in my Facebook friends, but who I never talked with! The photo jumped on my Facebook home, so I wanted to post something funny too, and since that moment Yana and I started to talk. And since that moment we didn’t stop. It was love at “first sight”, and maybe you will see some surprises in the next days! We decided to make our own song, something romantic which tell about us, so that title can say all!

Any last thing you would like to say, or clue us in on?

I just want to thank you for this interview and wish a merry Christmas and retro new year to NeonVice and everyone!

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