Humans and robots, there is a new track to add to your playlist.

“Cyborg Dream”, my latest release is a cyberpunk and atmospheric track that was originally composed as the soundtrack to the animated illustration “Cyborg Dream” by Fabiola Sangineto. You can now enjoy the full extended version of the track on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, and other major music stores.

Inspired by the themes of the “Cyborg Dream” animation, the music combines elements of cyberpunk and dreamlike choirs and Japanese instruments, spiced with my own signature style. The animation itself tells the story of a cyborg child’s dream, in which he encounters the technology and the dualities of human and robot. The circular form present in the project represents the repetition of the temporal loops in which we live, drawing on the principle of the Phi (φ) phenomenon, which creates the illusion of motion through the rapid succession of images in sequence. In the dream, the city is a process of transition from the Edo period to the hyper-technology of the future.

The music echoes these themes, with its blend of organic and synthetic sounds like a journey through the intersection of human and machine.

The release of “Cyborg Dream” is timely, coinciding with the Milan Design Week exhibition where the “Cyborg Dream” animation was on display. Fans who were captivated by the Fabiola’s artwork can now immerse themselves in its music.

The extended version of “Cyborg Dream” is available now on all major music platforms for both humans and robots.

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