There’s a message for you. A deep one.

Today is World Pasta Day and it’s such a good excuse to talk a little more about pasta & friends.

I thought maybe it would be interesting to explain my latest work to those who have already read the story but also to those who still have to do it.

“They speak Italian” is about an unscrupulous government which, taking advantage of the wheat crisis, deprives its people of fundamental rights including health and primary goods, in this specific case the flour to produce pasta, bread and pizza.
In this way it creates a situation of need that will be faced by the help of social media, secret allies.
They will make an illusory resolution by giving to the users the skills to produce DIY flour, but creating an addiction as a side effect.
Starchy products cease to be a primary good and become a luxury item, a status symbol, transforming the population into living zombies.

At the end, it doesn’t seem that far from reality.

My concept EP “They speak Italian” is available for download and streaming on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and all the main music stores.

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