I’m not going to buy this convertible “Outrun” Ferrari Testarossa.

I recently stumbled upon the announcement of a flamboyant convertible Ferrari Testarossa.
As many of you know, the Testarossa was never officially produced in an open roof variant but, other than the custom made gray color for Gianni Agnelli, you may be wondering if there had ever been a red one, just like the Outrun game from 1986 produced by Sega.
Well, here it is.
And it’s for sale, but I haven’t the faintest idea to buy it.
Um, because they’ve already bought it for a million and a half pounds.
Hell, yeah.
Ah, then it has a right-hand drive so let’s forget it, it’s not for me. Imagine how difficult it is to handle that manual grille shift with your left hand.

Seriously, the photos are poetic.

Seeing that open top made me imagine being the protagonist of the Sega arcade game and traveling, traveling aimlessly, improvising at every crossroads with a background soundtrack of Splash wave, Magical sound shower or Passing breeze.
Oh yes, my friends, this was the escapism that was so popular in the 80s.
We ran, we ran, but where? From what?
And then I think: what exactly is a journey?
When does it start and when exactly does it end?

Traveling can be an appointment, a hug, a memory of a previous trip, a hope, a new experience, a change of life, a return home, but almost always the journey tells of moments, leaving them etched in our memory.
So what is traveling? We could say that it’s an escape from the routine, which can be both in a positive and negative sense, but it’s definitely a moment of breaking.
At that precise moment when the journey begins, everything stops and changes color, speed, and emotions intensify.
Isn’t that wonderful?
This is why we feel the need to pin this moment with a photo, with a song or a playlist to block it forever in a small virtual picture in our mind.
Traveling is one of the reasons I make music, and Outrun one of the reasons I make music for traveling.
And what is a journey for you?

Original link for the auction:

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