AI generated art: how it inspired my album and how it changed my dreams.

Among the most discussed innovations of recent months there is certainly AI generated art.
What is it about? I will make a brief introduction for those unfamiliar with it.
It’s a digital illustration created by an artificial intelligence based on our description of what we want to see realized.
There are several AI generators: Dall-E, Midjourney, Wombo, etc. in web or app version. Just enter a command (eg “Italian zombie eating spaghetti with Super Mario“) and the artificial intelligence will generate a pretty realistic image in a few seconds.

One day I started playing around with Midjourney and after finishing my free trial generating random images of me, Berlusconi and Pekingese dogs in different situations, I switched to Wombo which is almost completely free.
It opened a whole world to me. My mind began to ask for more and more bizarre ideas that were generated almost faithfully or sometimes with unexpected surprises.

It was the beginning of September and I was thinking of a concept album to be released on Halloween, so I got help from Wombo and I started generating zombie images, then I asked myself: what if they were Italian zombies? What do Italian zombies eat? And how is it possible to kill them?
Also helped a little by current political events and the social situation of the moment, the light bulb turned on and I’ve written down a draft of a mini horror story. I generated lots of images until I found the ones that satisfied me the most and used them in my story.

Surely the work of a professional graphic designer is quite another thing and this is also why I entrusted my artwork to Devi Novita, but I find that AI generated art is a fun way and a very powerful tool to find ideas and inspiration.

Lately I have been delighting to generate my ideas in bed on Wombo until I fall asleep.
They say that dreams are influenced a lot by what we do in the last minutes before falling asleep, and I think that’s right: I had some very funny, weird and different dreams, almost guided, like a continuation of what I generated on the app, almost a lucid dream.
If you want to try it too, go to Wombo and sweet AI dreams.

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