A brief thought about synthwave as I twisted my spaghetti.

When we say “80s music” we really mean everything that the decade of paninari and backcombed hair has given us: italo disco, rock bands and timeless pop artists, arrangements often accompanied by synthesizers, those beautiful toys recently discovered.
We could argue about the music of those days forever.
I think I was very lucky to experience and remember, even as a child, the years of jackets with shoulder pads.

Here in Italy it was all so beautiful: we were the fourth world power; Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati built dream cars; Armani, Versace, Valentino dressed the Italians with great class; Ettore Sottsass’s Memphis Milano design current charmed everyone, and then Italo Disco, a genre that by definition was a symbol and a way of identifying an all-Italian lifestyle in those crowded clubs of the Riviera.

Today, while I was twisting my spaghetti, I thought that one of the most beautiful things that the 21st century has given us is the return of ’80s-inspired music: the so-called synthwave with all its sub-genres.
As you know I have been officially in the scene since 2012 and I was lucky enough to experience the early years of synthwave, when it was not yet called that. There were those who called it outrun, those who called it retrowave, and we didn’t care.

I think I found my inner peace in this style because it is so vast and difficult to define, and at the same time extremely stimulating from a composer’s point of view.
And so I move from making Italo Disco with bright colors to darker notes and full of mysterious shadows tending to metal, passing through the various intermediate stages.

As for me, I believe that another fundamental aspect that gratifies me is that it makes myself escape from the present. Let’s face it clearly, living in the ’20s really makes us regret even the very flat 2000s.
And that’s how we try to build a world where everything seems to be fine, at least for those 3-4 minutes of length of a song. And that’s why I keep writing, so those 3-4 minutes will never end.

And why do you listen to synthwave?

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