My music included in this AWESOME game for iPhone/iPad! OPTICAL INQUISITOR!

The game comes out in the summer of 1988 on all iOs devices.

Welcome to the story, filled with the spirit of the ’80s. Our hero named Tommy Rissken was betrayed by friends and he went to jail for 8 years. Now he seeks to pay off with all traitors and return to his daughter.
– Great physics, destructible bodies;
– Racing and underground gambling club;
– Build your own weapon;
– A lot of keyframe animations;
– A lot of interactive elements at levels;
– Amazing 80s style soundtrack:
RTRY, Vector Hold, Tommy, M-town vice, Flash Arnold, Betamaxx, Palm Highway Chase, Protector 101, Hot Hot Hawk, Vincenzo Salvia, Bestrack, Quasars, Brutal Pony Riders, Burgeoisie, DrPECCO





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