It was only a month ago that Vincenzo Salvia exploded onto the 80s synth scene with his Voyage EP. Barely a month later this producer has released a new EP called The Chase. Picking up where Voyage left off The Chase displays even more of Vincenzo’s talent for making wonderful 80s inspired music.

As with his last EP theres a whimsical and light nature to this artist’s music. There is a fantasy element that runs through each track on The Chase that makes the experiences even more engaging. The choices of sounds for the instrumentations add a warm and colourful tone to each of the three tracks, bringing to mind the sounds of Mike Oldfield and Giorgio Moroder with a nice wave of Jean Michel Jarre thrown in for an extra level of grandeur.

Downtown Lights opens up the first chapter of The Chase. I must say, going by the titles, I was expecting hi-energy italo styled 80s synth mayhem. But we are lead into a much more atmospheric experience instead. There is the pounding pulse of downtown at the core of the music’s percussion but the sweetness of the lead synth melodies and the brightness of the sounds escape the dark shadows of the concrete jungle. They dance across the cityscape’s atmosphere like neon fireflies; no longer earthbound and ever reaching for the starfilled sky above. To say this piece is beautiful and inspiring is a massive understatement. The mood and emotive drive of Downtown Lights is sure to make anyone’s spirit rise above.

The second chapter, Out Of Control has a differently coloured aura, with much more drama than the previous experience. The opening melodies build in an almost religious manner. Powerful and grandiose but glowing with soul. The sound’s pallette continues on from the opening piece with bright shades of synthesized beauty, flowing with the drama of the percussion, extolling a calmness over the experience. The complementary percussion of agressively pointed hi-hats and drum fanfare meld with the soaring melodies creating something wonderful. Out Of Control is a phenomonal example of this producer’s talent for arranging and executing an experience that is aurally stunning to behold.

Our last chapter of The Chase’s trilogoy of tracks is Runaway. The timbre and cadence of the opening synth lead shines with golden hue of completely emotive brilliance. The production on this sound is spirtually astounding. It’s not heard, it’s felt. Throughout the final chapter the heavenly sounds caress the listener with intimacy and understanding. They feel like a guiding hand through times of chaos. The warm feel of another being’s hand in yours. The comfort that the Runaway now truly appreciates.

Future City Records presents Vincenzo Salvia’s The Chase, add this incredibly uplifting experience to your music collection now on their Bandcamp page here. Vincenzo’s style has developed even further since Voyage, creating an intimately beautiful trio of tracks that is most definitely a Synthetix approved experience on every conceivable level.


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