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Grab “Auto Radio” double vinyl in two different colors: yellow or blue/white marble.
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Originally released in the summer of 2013, Vincenzo Salvia’s full-length debut, Auto Radio, marries classic Italo disco elements with more modern electronic sounds and is truly a masterwork of the synthwave genre. A concept album realized as fictional radio broadcast from 1985, Auto Radio takes you on an imaginary journey through Italy – along the Amalfi Coast, through the busy streets of Milan, and into the lovely Italian countryside.  But more importantly, the album takes you on a very real aural journey through the wonderful sounds of Italo disco’s golden age. Soaring melodies and rolling bass lines transport you to another time and place. But remember, nothing stays the same…

Just as the Eighties came to a close, so too did the popularity of Italo disco, as the country embraced the much different sounds of new wave, Eurobeat, and house music.  Fortunately, you can now relive that glorious decade and the wonder and beauty of great Italo disco music, with a modern twist.  Lipstick Crush Records is proud to present Vincenzo Salvia’s Auto Radio, for the first time ever on double vinyl – in two colorways (golden yellow and blue and white marble) – with redesigned artwork by George Gold (Nightcrawler) and mastered specifically for vinyl by Jeppe Hasseriis (Dynatron).  So grab your suitcase in the night, hop in the car, and just drive.  You’re tuned in to Auto Radio and the possibilities are infinite.  Lie on the beach of Rimini.  Watch the sunset from Maratea.  Enjoy every moment of your travels – but be sure to grab a postcard to remember them by, because holidays are not forever.

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Tune your radio! “Auto Radio” LP is out now!

A concept album based on a radio broadcast in 1985, enriched by the wonderful collaboration of Patrick Rizzi (Shio-Z).
“Auto Radio” is an imaginary radio that takes you in a journey though Italy!
Released today July 18th!

“Auto Radio, in viaggio con te!”

Artwork – George Gold (Nightcrawler)
Radio voice – Patrick Rizzi (Shio-Z)
Phone call – Giorgia Cacciatore
Radio jingle voice – Teresa Petti
Music and concept – Vincenzo Salvia

Special thanks to:
Alpha Boy, Alex Karampas, Diana Gitallog, Plaisance, Overglow, Kristine, Rick Shithouse, Protector 101, Embryonik, Thomas Rivette, Les Chic Voltage, Massimo Delle Donne, Emanuele Giannini, Pasquale Baldantoni.

Future City Records Compilation Volume II out now!

We are proud to present the official Future City Records Compilation Volume II In celebration of our second year! Comp. Vol II Features selected tracks from some of our very own artists in addition to some amazing guests! We would like to personally thank all of you for your continued support over the years without you none of this could be possible! Please enjoy!


New awesome Synthetix Mixtape! It includes my track “VALERIE” and the greatest artists of the 80s inspired scene! And it’s for free download!

Always remember, the Synthetix Mixtapes are only up for a few weeks!

Side A:
1, Miami Lights – Scream&Dive
2, Wreckage Of 2085 – Cosmic Sand
3, Ventura – Vestron Vulture
4, Union – Box Of Wolves
5, Wipeout – C-60
6, West Side Lane – Lost Years
7, Volcanic Machinery – Dynatron & Perturbator
8, Des Jeunes Dans Le Vent – Plaisance
9, Electro Clash – Lost Years
10, High Class – Rain Sword
11, This Is It – Flash Arnold
12, Latin For Volcano – Python Blue
13, Time Jump – Flash Arnold

Side B:
1, Black Road – Pyramid
2, This Last Dance – Chaconne
3, Beneath The Surface – Lost Years
4, Valerie – Vincenzo Salvia
5, White – Photosynthesi
6, The Funk – Lost Years
7, Lost In Nevada – Cosmic Sand
8, OutRun This! – Arcade High
9, Incognito – Vector Hold
10, One Way Test Drive – C-60
11, Flash Workout – Flash Arnold
12, This String Of Pearls – LA Dreams

I love Funky Panda. And Funky Panda shows some love for me.

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Christmas gift from Synthetix: Ultimix 2012!

This celebration of 2012 this will be up for download until the end of January 2013 so make sure you grab it while you can and rock it non stop!

1, A Glowing Light, A Promise – Make Up And Vanity Set
2, Cut Glass Accent – Aminova
3, Summer Breeze – Rain Sword
4, Prey For Your Life – Arc Neon
5, Retrofutures – Starforce & Perturbator
6, Sleepover (Up All Night) – Rolly Mingwald
7, Powerline – Lost Years
8, Get 2 Know U – Patrick Baker
9, Disco Venus – Modular1981
10, L’incubo Senza Fine (Reprise) – Vercetti Technicolor
11, Rockin Summer – Lueur Verte
12, After Chasing Sunsets – LA Dreams
13, Overdrive – Tommy
14, Breakpoint – Garth Knight
15, Modern Love – Kristine
16, Vision Runner – LA Dreams
17, Star Hustler – Lazerhawk
18, Interface – Garth Knight
19, Romeo – Tempogeist (feat. Lisa Dank)
20, Quantum Leap – 80s Stallone
21, Midnight Breeze – Vincenzo Salvia
22, It’s OK – Bastian’s Happy Flight
23, Beyond Saturn – Italo Robo
24, Propulsion Overdrive – Dynatron
25, In Full Action – Flash Arnold
26, Welcome To Nocturne City – Perturbator
27, The Secret Letter – Crystal Bridge
28, Perfect Summer – LA Dreams
29, Flash Workout – Flash Arnold
30, Serve The Public Trust – Protector 101
31, Bal Harbour Shakedown – DigitalNativeDance
32, Run To Survive – Perturbator & Protector 101

Synthetix Review / Nostalgia EP

Vincenzo Salvia​ – ​Nostalgia EP

The new leader of the 80s inspired synth scene in Italy has released a brand new three track EP appropriately entitled Nostalgia. Vincenzo Salvia goes from strength to strength with each new release and his latest EP explores new destinations for this exciting producer and expands his musical horizons a great deal.

Opening up with As The Raindrops Fall it becomes apparent that Vincenzo has foregone his usual italo disco inspired affairs and ventured into a new realm of deeper and more dramatic climes. Sounds are multidimensional, but remaining wistful and delicate. The emotions are melodically caressed with a gentle touch that runs very deep. There’s a hint of melancholy throughout this piece, but there is also a reverance and reflective brilliance to each part. Beautiful, moving music is the end result.

Detouring even further from his comfort zone is Night Signs. This direction is even more exciting as off time percussion emphasises the jubilant synth melodies. The overall sounds takes on a wonderful new colour that bounces and rises with determination and an air of magical victory. As Night Signs completes it’s winning ways the final track rises like a new moon in the night sky.

Eyes In The Mirror feels like the final part of this, experience, almost as it this EP was written as one track and then divided by the hand of the composer. This track recounts and revisits the moods of the previous two chapters absolutely flawlessly. It’s like the final movement of a classical suite that completes the intended story with a veritable conclusion. The music soars through previous elements while adding it’s own flavour to the proceedings and is the perfect finish to a wonderfully entertaining EP.

The Nostalgia EP is presented by Future City Records on their Bandcamp site here for the bargain basement price of $2.99.

(Original link by Synthetix here)