Review on Wemusicmusic!

«The Volkswagen of Death». Abstrait et fort énigmatique, le titre du dernier EP du producteur italien Vincenzo Salvia épouse pourtant parfaitement les sonorités proposées par cet ambitieux projet. Vincenzo Salvia s’est donné une mission : redonner à l’outrun ses lettres de noblesse. Alors que les dernières productions synthwave européennes commençaient doucement à se complaire dans … Continue reading Review on Wemusicmusic!

Neon Vice Review: The Volkswagen of Death

If you've somehow managed not to hear about the MASSIVE Volkswagen scandal going on right now, here's the TL;DR (that's too long;didn't read, for you non-redditors): the company or the board of directors—the details are shady at this point—lied extensively about the fuel emissions of their vehicles. We're not talking little white lies. No. We're … Continue reading Neon Vice Review: The Volkswagen of Death

Italian music blog “EDM Culture” interviewed me!

Questa settimana abbiamo l’occasione di proporvi uno dei paladini italiani della Synthwave/Italo Disco. Vincenzo Salvia è un prolifico produttore di Potenza che scolpisce nell’aria atmosfere raffiguranti idealmente viaggi, stati d’amore/pensiero onirici ed è per questo che si affida, con grande coerenza, a tutta la carica espressiva nostalgica e passionale degli stilemi anni ’80. EDM: Come … Continue reading Italian music blog “EDM Culture” interviewed me!

Towards the light!

"Towards the light" is a preview track from my upcoming EP, featured in this Electro Freaks' EFP Compilation VOL. 6! Download it now for "Name your price"!

Future City Records Compilation Volume II out now!

We are proud to present the official Future City Records Compilation Volume II In celebration of our second year! Comp. Vol II Features selected tracks from some of our very own artists in addition to some amazing guests! We would like to personally thank all of you for your continued support over the years without … Continue reading Future City Records Compilation Volume II out now!

I’ve found this fantastic fan video on Youtube! Thanks, ManiacSynth! Your channel is amazing!

Voyage EP is OUT NOW!

Voyage EP is now available for free download (or name your price) on Bandcamp! Artwork: Steven Sage

Midnight Breeze – Preview from “Voyage EP”

Seaside Cruise – Preview from “Voyage EP”