Machines and Gods: Original Music.

I’ve composed the original music for “Machines & Gods” artwork by Fabiola Sangineto, a visual story about industrial archeology and it’s part of Presente Futuro art exhibition at #videocitta in Rome.

The artwork contains some landmarks of the Ostiense district in Rome: the Gasometer, the Pyramid of Cestius, Porta San Paolo, and the Industrial Bridge.

The mechanical elements coexist with the classicism of the old town, like Trajan’s column, the Temple of Minerva Medica, and the restoration of Roma Termini station.

In the opening and closing scenes, the mechanical sculpture of Athena stands for the portal through which the encounter between divinity and technology is made possible.

Crossing the engine room of Centrale Montemartini and the new interpretation of The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, the artwork shapes technology and gods through a dreamlike projection of the eternal city that repeats itself repeatedly in a space-time continuum.

Available exclusively on Reasoned Art.

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