It’s the best time of the year to celebrate Xmas – they say.

I’m super excited to share the synthwave bundle made by me and Powder Slut for Groupees.

Click here to see the bundle.

How does this work?
You can get some of our releases for a really ridiculous price and we support the Animal Welfare Institute charity.
Let me explain!

For $1 you get:
Voyage, Summer Love, Atlantis, The Volkswagen of Death, Traffic, The Right Ride.

For $3 you ALSO get:
Auto Radio (2018 Remaster), Nightdrive to the Disco, Nostalgia, Summer Love… One Year Later, The Chase, Dirty Lips and… MY UNRELEASED 3 TRACKS EP CALLED “OUT NOW“!

For $6 you ALSO get:
The Pineapple Pizza Slayer, Greatest Pizza, B-Side, Chromelove, Weekend, F1 Legends, Kaleidoscope, Reworks.

But that’s not all!
If we reach $1000 total, EVERYONE will get Mindclouds.
If we reach $2000… secret!

And hey… we have more!
– A signed F1 Legends double vinyl (black) (By Powder Slut)
– A signed Auto Radio double vinyl (1 blue, 1 yellow, that’s rare! (By me)

Auto Radio double vinyl.
SPECIAL COPY: 1 yellow vinyl, 1 blue vinyl
Powder Slut – F1 Legends double vinyl (black)

Ouch, I really wrote so much, but it’s for a good cause šŸ¾

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