Interview: Neon Drive, Episode 11

Dear friends, I’m back with this interview for Neon Drive. Jake asked me some questions by mail and here are my answers, together with this cool episode featuring many tracks to listen to. Here we go!
(My part starts at 45 minutes)

You’ve been releasing synthwave music under the Vincenzo Salvia name since 2012, how would you describe the synthwave scene and how it has changed over the last 7 years or so?

The synthwave scene was much more different years ago. I wouldn’t say better or worse because for some reasons it was better and for some others it was worse.
I loved how it was kind with any new artist, we received a huge support when we just started. Fans were enthusiast because there was so much to discover, it was a new music style which was an open field even for us musicians.
Now it’s a bit harder to be under the spotlight if you are new, unless you make something really outstanding, since there are thousands of artists. But this is the good point also, in my opinion:
The scene is growing constantly and it’s influencing cinema, gaming and fashion. And that means more possibilities to build a cool career.

What are some of your biggest accomplishments to date?

I’ve worked with talented artists from the ’80s, is there anything cooler than that? We had the honor to have Ryan Paris in one of our Sunlover Records Compilation (Italo Disco is back!), and also I’ve mixed a track for George Aaron, that I hope will be pressed soon on vinyl. I’ve been included in a compilation from the legendary Italo Disco Label ZYX, the one who created the “Italo Disco” name, with lots of stars there!
Another big accomplishment is playing live around Italy and Europe without any agency and without asking anybody.
It’s a great joy when someone chats with you and asks: “Hey Vincenzo, would you come to play in our venue?”, and when I’m there on the stage and everybody sings “Domenica” or dances like maniacs… this is really amazing!

Are there any goals you are hoping to reach soon?

I’d like to press my album Weekend on vinyl, but actually I don’t know if starting a crowdfunding or being helped by some labels. This is a very important step I’d like to do, since I’ve released already my album Auto Radio on vinyl and Greatest Pizza on CD.
I’m very fond of Weekend and it reminds me a very brightful moment of my life, so… that’s why!

You’ve been featured on soundtracks such as The Summoner and Beyond the Gates, is there any more soundtrack work to look forward to in the future?

Actually I’m having a deal, a veeeeeery cool deal, but I can’t say anything at the moment since it’s not official yet, we’ll know it in a couple of months 🙂
I’m also in contact with Jackson Stewart, the director from Beyond the Gates, and I made some sketches for the sequel’s theme. Hope it’s going to work!

As someone who has played Retro Future Fest previously, what was the highlight of last year? And what are you most looking forward to this year?

The people! Really, I’ve seen people with such energy, they danced from the begin till the end and they would have continued if there was more music to dance on!

What’s next for Vincenzo Salvia?

I’m planning a new album, I’m doing some experiments but I think I’m going to mix the dark synthwave with the dark Italo, to make it more danceable and… Italian!

How is G?!

She’s a bad dog. We went to a restaurant near Parma and she run away from our car, so I had to catch her and run after her for like 300 meters. But she’s lucky because I love her and I forgive everything she does.
She should start a new album, too, but she’s quite lazy.

Pizza plays a role in your music, you clearly have a passion for it. What is your favourite pizza of all time?

You can say it loud, and my dresses can prove it.
Well, I’d go for the simple and traditional ones: diavola (with spicy pepperoni) or four cheeses!

Can we join you for a pizza when you are in London?

Sure, but only if you won’t put pineapple on it!

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