The Rise of the Synths – The first official documentary about Synthwave music

This cloud be a milestone on our lives.
The synthwave needs a documentary, something which can prove what’s happening behind the scenes of this rising music style.
I will be one of the artists who will tell his story.
So proud of this project!
Featuring: Electric Youth, College, Miami Nights 1984, Com Truise, Nightcrawler, Dynatron, Dance with the Dead, Maethelvin, Stellar Dreams, Vincenzo Salvia, Jordan F, Futurecop!, The Midnight, Power Glove, 80s Stallone, Betamaxx, Kristine, Darkest, Lazerhawk, Mitch Murder, Carpenter Bru, Timecop 1983, OGRE, Waveshaper, MPM Soundtracks.

Check the crowdfunding campaign here on Kickstarter:

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