Tune your radio! “Auto Radio” LP is out now!

A concept album based on a radio broadcast in 1985, enriched by the wonderful collaboration of Patrick Rizzi (Shio-Z). "Auto Radio" is an imaginary radio that takes you in a journey though Italy! Released today July 18th! "Auto Radio, in viaggio con te!" Credits: Artwork – George Gold (Nightcrawler) Radio voice – Patrick Rizzi (Shio-Z) … Continue reading Tune your radio! “Auto Radio” LP is out now!

I love Funky Panda. And Funky Panda shows some love for me.

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Christmas gift from Synthetix: Ultimix 2012!

https://soundcloud.com/rick-shithouse/synthetix-ultimix-2012 This celebration of 2012 this will be up for download until the end of January 2013 so make sure you grab it while you can and rock it non stop! 1, A Glowing Light, A Promise - Make Up And Vanity Set 2, Cut Glass Accent - Aminova 3, Summer Breeze - Rain Sword … Continue reading Christmas gift from Synthetix: Ultimix 2012!