Rollerdrome Official Soundtrack

Mamma mia, I'm so excited to announce that I'm part of the latest super cool game "Rollerdrome" soundtrack. I made some remixes / alternative versions of the themes written by the talented Electric Dragon. And hey... I'm in such a good company! Nightcrawler, Cartridge 1987 and Lhasa Mencur! You should remember them from our Outrun … Continue reading Rollerdrome Official Soundtrack

Vacanze di Natale e Italo Disco

Ho creato una playlist su Spotify con i miei brani più "cinepanettone", in attesa di rilasciare qualcosa di nuovo per Natale. Ci sto già lavorando e vi assicuro che sarà una libidine coi fiocchi.  Intanto godetevi questa playlist, rapidi!

Special! Special! Special!

My music collection is available now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and some other places which I don't remember the name, but that's no important. Another important thing is that my Bandcamp is working again now with the new EU VAT rules. I hope it will work good or I will go in jail very soon. … Continue reading Special! Special! Special!