The Italo Power!

My second mixtape! Ready for some powerful Italo Disco? This is what you need for a night at the disco, or in your shower or wherever you like to dance. Music from: Chester, Topo and Roby, Martinelli, Reale Accademia, Hugh Bullen, Klaus, Radiorama, Casanova, Dr. Martini, Tension, Webo, Albert One, Den Harrow.

It’s pizza time again! Extreme Pizza Power!

"Extreme Pizza Power", the exclusive track composed for New Retro Wave's Maximum Burn Compilation is now available on my own Bandcamp and other music stores! Grab the slice and spread the power of pizza! Pizza has never been so energetic!

Extreme Pizza Power!

"EXTREME PIZZA POWER" is my track for this calories-burner-compilation by NewRetroWave! Proud to share my pizza with Foret De Vin, VHS Glitch, Robert Parker, Freeweights, Dream Fiend, Phaserland and Tape Loader!