The Italian Boys

"Domenica", my track featuring the beautiful vocals from Giusi Telesca, has been included in "The Italian Boys" trailer. Two boys dream of escaping their island town to go on an adventure on the mainland, a son and his lover fight to escape the clutches of an overbearing father, and a priest is shocked when … Continue reading The Italian Boys

The Pineapple Pizza Slayer is arrived. And he will slash your pizza boxes.

He is here! He is arrived! The Pineapple Pizza Slayer is going to kill you and your wrong pizzas. Don't wait for him, he's already behind you. Look!   3 tracks EP - A fearful Halloween release to fight against the pineapple pizza nightmare. Available on Bandcamp and all the main stores.

I have a new Italo Disco track for your Christmas in Italian style

Italo-disco label Sunlover Records presents their tribute to the soundtracks of legendary Italian Christmas movies (“Cinepanettoni”) Christmas in Italy means at least two certainties: panettone and… cinepanettone! Therefore, every year, Italian national TV broadcasts Vacanze di Natale ’83 (Christmas Holidays ’83), a successful Italian-style comedy which was the first of a series that punctually, every … Continue reading I have a new Italo Disco track for your Christmas in Italian style

Turn on your radio!

Yes, just to enjoy your summer in perfect 80s Italian style! Auto Radio LP is half-priced! 50% off for digital downloads on Bandcamp! - Go to the release here: - Click 'Buy now' - Enter the code 'autoradio' in discount code - Have a retro and Italo summer! Promo will end on August 31th!

ITALIANWAYMUSIC – My dreamwave remix of Jerry Kay’s “Come out”

Original Track: Jerry Kay feat. John Toso Vocals: John Toso Backing Vocals: Vincenzo Salvia Dreamwave Remix: Vincenzo Salvia BUY HERE: