New remix out today! Why’d you go and break my heart?

"Why'd you go and break my heart" is the new single from Peter Robinson released on Future City Records and I made a remix together with Highway Superstar, Dallas Campbell, Pelifics, Mental Minority, Peter Ellis, Shint and Evanton! You can download the release here on Future City Records' Bandcamp!

Retro Promenade presents VOX POPULI Compilation!

My track "SUMMER LOVE feat. Chrissy Valentine" has been included in this awesome compilation (Free download!) together with talents such as Sunglasses Kid, Who Ha, Le Cassette, SHIO-Z, Apollo Zapp and many others!!! CAUTION! It contains ONLY tracks with vocals! Watch out!

Future City Records Compilation Vol. III is OUT NOW!

The long awaited vol. III of the Future City Records Compilation is here! It performs the greatest artists of the 80s synthwave scene, exclusive tracks and amazing guests such as Highway Superstar, Kristine with Dance with the Dead, Sellorekt/L.A Dreams and more! And this is my EXCLUSIVE track!

The 80s Dream is here!

New Retro Wave Compilation Tape vol. 2 features my exclusive track "MILFs". This is the Italian Way! Check it out for free download HERE!