Let’s jump into the 90s Eurodance.

Remember my previous article about nostalgy? Well, take your time machine now and set it to 1994.I am thrilled to announce the release of my latest track, "Superstar" (feat. Ross Lustre).The song pays homage to the golden era of Eurodance but let me explain it in details. Inspired by the era's exuberance and energetic beats, … Continue reading Let’s jump into the 90s Eurodance.

Nostalgia: A bittersweet journey to our roots

A few days ago I was dusting off some old Eurodance hits from the 90s and I was literally overwhelmed by very pleasant memories of my youth (yes, let's face it, I can consider myself a middle-aged man now).It was a mix of emotions, and nothing but nostalgia. I wondered what this feeling actually was … Continue reading Nostalgia: A bittersweet journey to our roots

A 90s Eurodance Mixtape? Yes, here it is!

This is my first mixtape and I'm starting from my favourite summer music when I was a teenager. Hope I will not disappoint the 80s lovers. Featuring 1 hour of fresh music from: Captain Hollywood, Cappella, Jk, Snap, La Bouche, Aqua, 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor, Le Click, Netzwerk, Ti.pi.cal, Culture Beat, Corona, Da Blitz, Ice MC, Dj Martin Feat. Mabruka, Tony Di Bart.