Nightdrive to the disco… teaser!

Are you ready for the disco? Well, not before than night drive! 5 synthwave tracks with pure italo disco sound and the amazing collaboration of Daria Danatelli! Out Jan, 25 in all the main digital stores

50% off on anything on Bandcamp!

New Year Promo! Just enter the code "ColpoGrosso" on the Bandcamp checkout and you will grab a 50% on your purchase! Buy here: Promo will expire on Jan 7th 2017.

My interview for Drive Radio. Not only pizza.

Question N°1: Can you please introduce yourself to those that may be new to your work? I started to join the synthwave music in 2012 with my first EP Voyage. After this album my music had lots of evolutions, jumping from nostalgic ballads to some groovy Italo Disco tunes. Question N°2: What are your musical … Continue reading My interview for Drive Radio. Not only pizza.

I have a new single for your summer!

Yeah, I came back with a fresh track to let you enjoy your seaside walking and nightdrive! "Lungomare" (Italian meaning of Seafront, Promenade...) is my new single arranged in 3 different versions and sung in Italian by Abobo! It's available for Name Your Price on Bandcamp, and for a bunch of dollars in the other … Continue reading I have a new single for your summer!

The Italo Power!

My second mixtape! Ready for some powerful Italo Disco? This is what you need for a night at the disco, or in your shower or wherever you like to dance. Music from: Chester, Topo and Roby, Martinelli, Reale Accademia, Hugh Bullen, Klaus, Radiorama, Casanova, Dr. Martini, Tension, Webo, Albert One, Den Harrow.

Review: Take a slice outta Vincenzo Salvia’s “Greatest Pizza”

Thanks to Arcavalon for this spicy review! "You know when you hear that one record that you just hit play and dont even think about skipping to the next song? Well your in luck. We got one for ya. Vincenzo Salvia’s Greatest Pizza Vincenzo Salvia has be around for a while pumping out release after … Continue reading Review: Take a slice outta Vincenzo Salvia’s “Greatest Pizza”

The greatest pizza

Like the tastiest mix of pizza toppings, my new album collects all of my best tracks: From the cheesy Italo disco of "MILFS" to the dreamy outrun of "Voyage", passing through the magic of "Domenica" and the power of "Zombie Workout". "Greatest Pizza" includes the unreleased track "Nightdrive with pizza" + 19 classics for a special … Continue reading The greatest pizza

Yes, I’m back!

I'm here again with a Nu Italo track featuring the wonderful voice of Benedetta Caretta aka Ene! It's out now for Doner Bombers Compilation vol. 4 from Doner Music with an awesome tracklist including Anastacia, Elisa, Fish and many other big producers!

Caregivers from Space

I'm releasing this single. It's a new Retrofuturistic Space Italo Disco, early 80s inspired. "Badanti dallo Spazio" is about some sexy caregivers from the outer space. Listen to it on Bandcamp! Also available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and more!

Bandcamp prices down! Discounts everywhere!

PRICES DOWN! PRICES DOWN! PRICES DOWN! Yes, I did it! I'm not lying! Go and check! EPs € 2: The Chase, Traffic, Nostalgia, Summer Love... One Year Later LPs: B-side € 4,50 and Auto Radio € 5! Buy on