Mescaline Injection reviews “Atlantis”!

Retro aus den Tiefen Vincenzo Salvia - "Atlantis"Durch Meeresrauschen eingeleitet hebt VINCENZO SALVIA auf seiner neuen EP “Atlantis” die mystische Insel aus der Tiefe. Das beeindruckende Cover wirkt selbst auf LP-Größe noch zu klein, macht aber als Poster einiges her. Es beschreibt die Atmosphäre auf dem aktuellen Retro-Elektronik-Werk des Italieners ziemlich gut, denn da gibt … Continue reading Mescaline Injection reviews “Atlantis”!

Marvellous “Atlantis” review by Violent Success!

Vincenzo Salvia: Atlantis — Speaking generally, I like music with a purpose. I don’t like hearing that my favorite songs just “kind of happened” when the artist was fooling around in the studio. It’s far more satisfying to listen to a track that has some kind of plan, goal or strong inspiration behind it. It’s even better … Continue reading Marvellous “Atlantis” review by Violent Success!

“Vincenzo Salvia, with simplicity” – Interview for Drive Radio!

Vincenzo Salvia, with simplicity ‘’I still remember when I was 18 years old, I couldn’t wait to get my driver’s license just to go on nightdrives with some 80’s music under the rain’’. That is how Vincenzo Salvia explains his passion for 80’s sounds. His discography is indeed mostly comprised with cruising tracks. It all … Continue reading “Vincenzo Salvia, with simplicity” – Interview for Drive Radio!

“Atlantis” reviewed on Synthetix.FM! Astonishing write up!

Vincenzo Salvia Breaks The Surface And Takes The Plunge (original link from Synthetix.FM here) If one views 2009 as the break-out year for 80s inspired synth music, this means we're now in the fifth year of the development of the soundscapes modern producers are creating with homage to classic 80s sounds. The evolution has been … Continue reading “Atlantis” reviewed on Synthetix.FM! Astonishing write up!

“Atlantis” review on Reyna Ventura!

Fantastic write up about Atlantis on Reyna Ventura!! Thanks Andres, you're big! Original link here "De entre las mareas de la web se levanta “Atlantis”, el sexto Ep del italiano Vincenzo Salvia. A tan solo unos meses de haber lanzado “Summer Love” (mismo que reseñamos por acá y pueden checar aquí); su quinto Ep, Vincenzo … Continue reading “Atlantis” review on Reyna Ventura!