“Auto Radio” on vinyl now! Right now!


Here we are!
On sale now at Lipstick Crush Records¬†my double vinyl “Auto Radio” including a digital version (completely re-mastered).
Two different colors, choose your favorite or grab them both ūüėČ

Yellow like a pineapple* slice…

…or Blue/White marble, fresh like the Mediterranean sea.
US sales on Lipstick Crush Records
International sales coming soon through Playmaker.

Vinyl mastering: Dynatron
Digital mastering: Vincenzo Salvia
Artwork: George Gold

*pizza not available

L’11 Luglio si suona!

Ebbene si, rieccomi a suonare in giro per il mondo.
11 Luglio 2018 al Parco Tittoni a Desio (MB): “Dada Tittoni – Arts, performing & more”.
Ci sar√† anche un po’ di vapor con tuna display e l’evento √® ad ingresso libero quindi niente scuse.

Un abbraccione alla Tataki Records che ha organizzato tutto.

Per maggiori informazioni date un’occhiata direttamente qui al link Facebook dell’evento:¬†https://www.facebook.com/events/267463667335934/

The greatest pizza

Like the tastiest mix of pizza toppings, my new album collects all of my best tracks: From the cheesy Italo disco of “MILFS” to the dreamy outrun of “Voyage”, passing through the magic of “Domenica” and¬†the power of “Zombie Workout”.
“Greatest Pizza” includes the unreleased track “Nightdrive with pizza” + 19 classics for a special price!
Artwork by the great Overglow!
Available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and more!

Neon Vice Review: The Volkswagen of Death

If you’ve somehow managed not to hear about the MASSIVE Volkswagen scandal going on right now, here’s the TL;DR (that’s too long;didn’t read, for you non-redditors): the company or the board of directors‚ÄĒthe details are shady at this point‚ÄĒlied extensively about the fuel emissions of their vehicles. We’re not talking little white lies. No. We’re talking their cars would have had a 0% chance of passing ANY countries vehicle emissions tests without the software Volkswagen installed to fudge the numbers.

You might be asking yourself, “what the hell does this post have to do with music? isn’t this a music blog?” Well, leave it to Italian synthwave artist Vincenzo Salvia to give us the opportunity for a bit of social commentary on our blog. Salvia’s new EP entitled The Volkswagen of Death channels the Halloween spirit into a dazzling synthwave creation. So what do these tracks actually have to do with the Volkswagen scandal? Well…nothing, but the names are pretty funny and you have to respect Mr. Salvia for poking fun at a pretty costly blunder by one of the biggest companies in Europe.

Without further ado, let’s get down to reviewing these tracks.

The Awakening of the 1982 Golf GTD

The opening track really starts the EP off in a dark way. The gritty bass that begins the track leads to some groovy polysynth melodies that culminate in an altogether pretty well put together tune. This track really has that analog feel that a lot of synthwave producers strive for but most end up falling short of.


Salvia’s definitely not shying away from getting to the heart of the controversy. Every good scandal needs a proper -gate name and I think Dieselgate is pretty fitting. This track really reminded me of the soundtrack of the original Halloween movie. Something about the synths Salvia uses just scream 80s horror to me. The drums don’t really do much for me, but they do glue the track together nicely and compliment the rhythm of the track. Where this track excels is in the synth melodies and as a lover of all things synthy (if that wasn’t a word, it is now) Dieselgate really speaks to me.

Passat Murder

The final track of the EP begins with a pretty creepy little arp melody, complimented by some luscious pads and a standard four on the floor type kick-snare pattern. Don’t let the simplicity of the first minute of this track fool you though, it really starts to shine in the latter part of the song. When that funky lead synth kicks in a little after the 1:00 mark this track evolves into a groovy retrosynth funk masterpiece. Passat Murder is definitely my favorite track on the EP.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Vincenzo Salvia’s new The Volkswagen of Death is another great release from an ultra-talented producer. Pick it up on Bandcamp and tell your friends.

Original article here

Tune your radio! “Auto Radio” LP is out now!

A concept album based on a radio broadcast in 1985, enriched by the wonderful collaboration of Patrick Rizzi (Shio-Z).
“Auto Radio” is an imaginary radio that takes you in a journey though Italy!
Released today July 18th!

“Auto Radio, in viaggio con te!”

Artwork ‚Äď George Gold (Nightcrawler)
Radio voice ‚Äď Patrick Rizzi (Shio-Z)
Phone call ‚Äď Giorgia Cacciatore
Radio jingle voice ‚Äď Teresa Petti
Music and concept ‚Äď Vincenzo Salvia

Special thanks to:
Alpha Boy, Alex Karampas, Diana Gitallog, Plaisance, Overglow, Kristine, Rick Shithouse, Protector 101, Embryonik, Thomas Rivette, Les Chic Voltage, Massimo Delle Donne, Emanuele Giannini, Pasquale Baldantoni.

Fantastic write up by the Spanish Music Blog NEONIZED about Out Run Europa Compilation!

El estilo retro de los 80s sigue resisti√©ndose a desaparecer pese a que se le empiece a hacer el vac√≠o. En una √©poca en que predomina la imitaci√≥n del house de finales de los 80, es dif√≠cil encontrar artistas de calidad que sigan creyendo por aquello que estaba en boca de todos hace unos a√Īos y que ha pasado por llamarse en ocasiones desde disco a nu disco. Aquel estilo retrofuturista y synth inspirado en el cine ochentero sigue manteni√©ndose en vida y adem√°s con muy muy buena salud. Si te gust√≥ la banda sonora de Drive o te apetece volver a vivir Top Gun, Out Run Europa Compilation va a ser tu recopilatorio favorito de las pr√≥ximas semanas.

Plaisance (Francia), Vincenzo Salvia (italia) y nuestro apreciad√≠simo George Gold aka Nightcrawler han organizado este recopilatorio en homenaje a Out Run Europa, el videojuego basado en Out Run (el m√≠tico, el de siempre), pero que ten√≠a la caracter√≠stica de estar basado en ciudades europeas. Para darle m√°s juego, los temas est√°n realizados por artistas de diferentes pa√≠ses (en la nota se√Īala: Portugal, Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Denmark , Sweden, Finland) y est√°n ordenados de manera que se supone que se est√° realizando una ruta en coche (pasando por el Canal de la Mancha).

Desde ya, se recomienda meterse en el papel, retroceder 30 a√Īos y tener unas ganas locas de pillar el coche por carreteras llenas de curvas y cambios de rasante. Genial propuesta!


Future City Records Compilation Volume II out now!

We are proud to present the official Future City Records Compilation Volume II In celebration of our second year! Comp. Vol II Features selected tracks from some of our very own artists in addition to some amazing guests! We would like to personally thank all of you for your continued support over the years without you none of this could be possible! Please enjoy!