Rollerdrome Official Soundtrack

Mamma mia, I'm so excited to announce that I'm part of the latest super cool game "Rollerdrome" soundtrack. I made some remixes / alternative versions of the themes written by the talented Electric Dragon. And hey... I'm in such a good company! Nightcrawler, Cartridge 1987 and Lhasa Mencur! You should remember them from our Outrun … Continue reading Rollerdrome Official Soundtrack

Machines and Gods: Original Music.

I've composed the original music for "Machines & Gods" artwork by Fabiola Sangineto, a visual story about industrial archeology and it's part of Presente Futuro art exhibition at #videocitta in Rome. The artwork contains some landmarks of the Ostiense district in Rome: the Gasometer, the Pyramid of Cestius, Porta San Paolo, and the Industrial Bridge. … Continue reading Machines and Gods: Original Music.

Global warming and Italo Disco? Yes, I can explain it.

Can you feel the heat? I can explain everything to you.It was a calm and warm spring morning when Konstanza and I thought of collaborating a second time (you will remember our first collaboration "Dangerous Mind") and "By the Sea" was born from a classic Italian spaghetti disco slow tempo. The track is about the … Continue reading Global warming and Italo Disco? Yes, I can explain it.

If you don’t need swimming private lessons, maybe you need an Italian Gigolo private copy.

I mean, the track "Italian Gigolo" that was included in Stranger Things (season 3, episode 1) in the famous "pool scene". Billy flirting with Mrs. Wheeler (OST: Vincenzo Salvia - "Italian Gigolo") And now you can finally grab your NFT for "Italian Gigolo". Only 10 hot copies available on Only Musix. Grab it till it's … Continue reading If you don’t need swimming private lessons, maybe you need an Italian Gigolo private copy.

It’s a broken heart. Oh yeah.

I know, I've been a bit absent in the last period but it's time to make a big comeback with a great collaboration.The guys from Lazer Club, a retro band from Florence, are full of ideas and desire to write beautiful things like this "Broken Heart" that we released together. But now stop talking, click … Continue reading It’s a broken heart. Oh yeah.

Mamma mia, I have a new Italo Disco side project!

Come stai? Tutto bene?Do you know? I've just started an Italo Disco side project and it's called COSTA SMERALDA. I take care of music and production, while DADA' delights us with her splendid voice.Our first single "Cocktail d'amore" is already out on digital and we couldn't wait to share it with you. The photo for … Continue reading Mamma mia, I have a new Italo Disco side project!

Mini Full Electric / Commercial video

In June we met with the BiAuto Group team and director Alex Ratto in Turin to shoot a commercial video for the new Mini Full Electric. Knowing my passion for cars and night driving, you can imagine how willingly I did it. Between a Stranger Things quote and a Jerry CalĂ  quote, here is the … Continue reading Mini Full Electric / Commercial video

Fear of the… Bark!

The long awaited collaboration is back for Halloween. G Dog Composer is probably one of the most talented dog-composers in the Horror scene and she has just released her latest featuring with me: "Fear of the Bark". You can recognize that typical G's signature from the first notes, that scary '70s touch that reminds of … Continue reading Fear of the… Bark!

“Souvenir” has been forged in neon…

Buongiorno, mamma mia! It's time for a review, again! My new "Souvenir" EP has been very well welcomed by Forged in Neon and I wasn't really expecting that much love.Here you can find the original link. Long-time fans of Vincenzo Salvia rejoice as there is a new E.P to devour.... fact, it's entirely fair … Continue reading “Souvenir” has been forged in neon…

A memory to take home

Traveling: how many ways do you know to do it? And how many types? You can travel in space but also in time, and in a delicate moment like this we are experiencing, the concept of travel has taken on a particular value."Souvenir" wants to evoke forgotten sensations, to awake the most hidden memories.Or you … Continue reading A memory to take home