Summer love sometimes comes back… one year later!

“Summer Love …one year later” EP + Dreamakes Compilation vol. 2 with 10+2 remixes by fantastic artists of the synthwave scene!

“We often come back to the same beach we were one year ago, and this is what the EP tells. Two tracks are strongly linked together: the one with my vocals describes the return of the protagonist at the seaside one year later, he is waiting for his lover but can’t find her there, he remembers when they played on the sand with their Polaroids, and then he leaves the sea to go back home. The other track is with female vocals (Giusi Telesca) and it is the parallel view from the girl life, she leaves her apartment to go back to the sea and meet her lover, but something goes wrong and her car stops on the road. This is the reason the man couldn’t find her at their appointment. But there is a twist: the two stories cross together now, and while the man is coming back home, he finds the girl hitch-hiking on the road. And the love story continues.” (From NeonVice interview)

The EP is an innovative Italo Disco album with Italian vocals by Giusi Telesca and me, plus a re-interpretation of the original “Summer Love” track (2013) feat. Chrissy Valentine, plus a happy ending/icecream party track.
Released on Telefuture / artwork and photos by me

The Compilation features amazing and creative remixes by Shio-Z, A space love adventure, Apollo Zapp, OGRE, Photosynthesi, Plaisance, Ravenholm, Farfletched, Phaserland, Botnit and Mooginizer!
Artwork by OverGlow

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